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Dental trauma now terrified...



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Feb 5, 2015
I was 21 years old the first time I went to the dentist. I had a bad infection, and needed all my wisdom teeth out. The infection was bad though (Back teeth are the only decaying due to grinding/bruxism). So they couldn't do it till it cleared up. I went in on a Saturday and for some reason they scheduled the extraction (of 3 teeth two wisdom and a fused molar). For TUESDAY! They went through with the extraction. Not realizing maybe? That the infection barely had time to wave hello to the antibiotics let alone be taken care of completely. It was terrible. The recovery. The actual procedure wasn't bad. But it took an entire month steroids pain killers 2 more different types, of antibiotics. And finally started subsiding pain wise. Now... for the other side. They have to cut the bottom one into pieces I was scared... the last recovery was so bad... first thing I said was prescribe me antibiotics FIRST and double the pain killers. Done. Ok I'm ready. They fractured my lower jaw while going in for the wisdom tooth... thing is they didn't know until a week later when I went in because I was so swollen I could barely breathe. More pain killers more steroids more antibiotics... Ok that's ok 2 month recovery!

it's been 2 years. I developed severe TMJ. I still need work done on the rest of my molars. I've just taken care of the infections. I'm terrified to have ANYTHING else done. Anything. It's getting to the point where my 2nd molar right side, every time it gets infected it locks completely shut. Finally going to get that out... I'm so freaking scared. I feel like I barely have any jaw bone there I feel like they'll try pulling and crack my entire jaw. I had never really gone to the dentist, but I hadn't really ever been afraid either. I'm down right terrified now. Needless to say I'm seeing a different dentist. And having my valium filled before the appointment. I'm still sick to my stomach of the thought though :redface::cry:

Just needed to vent.
Hi :welcome: welcome to the forum.

That was a terrible experience, have you had all of your wisdom teeth out now?

Is your new dentist more supportive of your fears, anyone would feel how you do in the circumstances I have TMJ and my dentist does take her time and allows me to rest my jaw when I am having work done as it can be uncomfortable on my jaw.

I hope this time the dentist takes more care and takes things slowly for you. Only agree to the amount of work you can cope with on each visit, it is better to just deal with things one at a time, especially when the jaw has to be taken account of.

All the best to you :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

I know it takes a lot of guts to go back for dental treatment after a bad experience but with the right dentist things don't have to be traumatic :hug5::butterfly:
I was never afraid of the procedure it's always the recovery. I'm struggling right now to have my Valium filled stupid pharmacy. My jaw is locked shut from the infection still and the Valium helps with the muscles, and it'll come in handy with the extraction nerves wise next week.

Yes she seems much better and reassured me that this time will be different and instead of scheduling it 4 days later is giving me a full week on the antibiotics. Ironically the pain killers help, but they make me grind my teeth for some reason lol. I'm just ready to have this tooth out my teeth are overcrowded I feel like I have a mouthful literally. I guess I kind of do. It'll be great relief to have that tooth out. I've never wanted one out so badly, in my life. Even being scared. But the last dentist never cut the gum back causing the tooth to rot out on it's own no matter how well I cleaned it. Yes I've had all my wisdom teeth out thank goodness.
Good luck for next week :clover::clover::clover::butterfly: