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Dental treatment soon after approx. 10 years



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Nov 5, 2021
Decided to write a journal here as writing stuff down usually makes me feel better. I am having my first full exam in one week, on Monday November 15. This is with a new dentist. I haven't been to a dentist for full x rays in about 9 years. I already had a root canal done on a premolar a couple weeks ago by an endodontist, and I have a wisdom teeth extraction and extraction of molar that previously had a root canal that failed on December 17. I do have some paranoia that my new root canal is going to fail since one already did (this was done in 2013) but hopefully not!

Anyway, my teeth look okay at quick glance, but when I really get in the mirror and look at them, I get super worried. There's about 6 teeth I am really worried about. Two of which already have big fillings in them from childhood. I actually think my childhood dentist was not a good dentist, so I'm worried about what the new dentist will say about these teeth. I definitely think the fillings need redone at minimum. That would be best case scenario for me. Root canal seems more likely but I'm hoping that isn't needed for years to come. Total of 4 teeth I am concerned about possible root canal. I'm really hoping this isn't the case, but I will do whatever I have to to keep my teeth as long as possible. And who even knows what is going on with the rest of my teeth that the x ray will show! Could be way worse than I even know.

I also have some old invisalign buttons that need removing due to not finishing treatment ten years ago. I was 19 when I was on my last tray and had moved away... and just never went back. My teeth have since shifted back to my front tooth gap returning. I don't really care about that at this point as the most important thing to me is keeping my teeth! But I know I need to get the buttons removed and a thorough cleaning. I will want to get an implant for my molar that is being removed if the rest of my mouth isn't in too bad of shape. I took out a 15k loan to cover any needed dental work so it will all depend on how far that goes. Otherwise implant will have to wait a year or so to start that process so I don't have to dip into savings.

I'm not really nervous about the extractions. I will be asleep for that so the only thing I am worried about is the healing process. I am also not nervous if I need fillings! Just nervous for the healing process and root canals. Not the root canals themselves, but the paranoia that they could fail like the one I had before did. My biggest source of anxiety is not knowing just how bad it is. Some moments I look at my mouth and think "it isn't that bad" and other times I think "all of these teeth have to be root canaled or extracted" I'm only 28, so hoping to keep my teeth for as long as I can...

Always had good hygiene but had a sugary drink and candy habit that contributed the most to my issues, I'm sure. I have been so stressed out that I've lost those cravings entirely. I've always been thin so never worried about my diet much, but I wish I had thought more about sugar intake. I'm willing to cut this stuff out completely except a few times a year if it means I keep my teeth.
I am really mad at myself for not keeping up on cleanings. For a while after college I didn't have money to spend on my teeth. Even when I was on my parents insurance, I was too worried to go to the dentist. I should have just gone and figured out the payment after! I'm sure family would've helped me out had I asked. Ugh. Now I am at the point where I will have a lot of work to get done that could have been less had I gone sooner.

Anyway, will update on Monday after my consultation and exam. I took the day off of work so that I can go home and be sad if I need to be. I know I will feel some level of relief just to know how bad it is, but until then I will been worried.
Thank you for sharing! Way to go for making the appointment and following through.
I also worry and it has kept me from visiting regularly. I just started getting regular cleanings and exams 2 years ago. It had been 10 years between visits due to fear and financial restrictions. I find that I imagine the worst and feel relief after I find out what actually needs to be done. Most of the work I needed done was from old fillings needing replacement. The appointments were always easier than I had imagined. Even if it was a larger cavity… they were fixed quickly.
Hope this brings you some peace of mind as the 15th gets closer. Looking forward to your updates!
Thanks for your reassuring words! I sure hope it isn’t as bad as I think but I’m feeling pretty down tonight. I was feeling kind of optimistic yesterday but today not so much. I hope I have a similar experience as you did
I’m excited for the weekend but I also wish my appointment was already over with!! Just a few more days now…

Anyway adding some photos. It’s hard to see the detail here but all my bottom molars have little holes in them. You can see the back molar that was grinded down by the dentist last December when she said the root canal failed and would need extracted. It’s been like that in my mouth for almost a year :( I already have the appointment scheduled for that extraction and my wisdom teeth so not that freaked out currently about that.

my bottom molars on the other side already have fillings from when I was a kid. t hurts to floss between these teeth (not at the gum line, but where the fillings meet at the top) so I know at minimum I’ll need these replaced but possible root canal and crowns!

you can see where my premolar had the root canal done recently and still have the temp filling in. Probably getting a crown there which I’m fine with.
And my current source of panic, the bad cavity on the tooth next to my front one! Waiting to see if that can be saved with just a filling or if I’m gonna need a root canal there since there has been some occasional pain and discomfort with that tooth

And of course all my old Invisalign buttons that I can’t wait to get taken off.

if my treatment plan isn’t too expensive then I’ll use the rest of my loan on implant and possible new ortho since I never finished Invisalign. But it all depends on how the X-rays look for if ortho will even be possible.

Can’t wait to stop worrying!


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I honestly don’t wanna go tomorrow. I’m worried about my gums a lot now, particularly around my first molar on the side with the tooth that needs extracted. I don’t know how I’ll handle it if it’s bad. I’m in tears thinking about this.

I have to go, and I will. But I don’t know if emotionally I’m going to be able to deal with it if it’s as bad as I think. I’ve loved reading people’s stories about not going for ten, fifteen years and it all being fine. But I know that is not the case for me. The photos I posted really don’t show how bad it looks in real life. I’m just really sad to be dealing with this at 28 years old. And it’s all my fault. My parents took me to the dentist all the time as a kid. I did this on my own. I wish I could go back 10 years. Now I’ll have to deal with this and worry for my whole life
No matter what the outcome is… you will be fine (even if it isn't a great report). You’ll get the help and support you need tomorrow. A step in the right direction. I’m so proud of you! I understand the stress, fear and anxiety leading up to the appointment. I do this too every time (especially first appointment back in years). Keep us posted how it goes tomorrow! Sending you well wishes as you brave the unknown :)
Dang, your teeth in those photos look pretty good to me!!!

Good luck. I hope you get some good news!
Well I didn’t go yesterday…chickened out. I wasn’t feeling right about the dentist I chose. I did make a call with a new dentist and am going today at ten. They said they should be able to prep my crown on my root canal tooth after my exam so I will be happy to get that out of the way. I will update when I’m back at work after the appointment
Dang, your teeth in those photos look pretty good to me!!!

Good luck. I hope you get some good news!

Thank you for saying that! they aren’t great photos showing details wise but I always go worse case scenario in everything. If I have a bad headache, I assume it’s a tumor etc. not good

I ended up canceling and rescheduling for today so hopefully it goes okay
Well, I did it!

They didn't say anything about gum disease. I do have TEN teeth that need treatment, which is about what I expected but still disappointing. This is including my root canal tooth. They didn't do the crown build up today because the appointment took so long already.

It is scheduled for tomorrow at 8AM along with half of my fillings. The other half will be done when the permanent crown is placed. Also need to schedule a cleaning.

They quoted me Invisalign lite since they think that is all I will need. Then after that, I should get an implant so that I don't lose the adjacent top tooth since it won't have a partner tooth to bite.

I am a little scared of what they will find under my old fillings tomorrow, but hopefully nothing that will need a RCT!

It seems like the treatment is going to go pretty quick, right now I will need 2 two and a half hour appointments for my fillings and then my cleaning and Invisalign if I go for that right away.

I will feel better after tomorrow is done since I'm most worried about my old fillings, but for now I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. It is a hefty price tag, but I have my loan for that and I should be able to afford all my fillings, Invisalign, and implant all with the loan funds

Will update after my appointment tomorrow! I am glad it is first thing in the morning at least so I won't have all day to worry about it.
Nice, IzzyB!

I have my 3-hour appt today to build up my broken tooth that was just root canaled and to take care of a neighboring tooth cavity. (Hope it can still be filled normally since its been a 6-week wait and it hasn't gone to root canal needed status.)
My dentist has no idea that now my other side of mouth is having tooth pain so I'm still freaking out on that.
And I hear you on the headache to tumor anxiety. I'm a health anxiety person too.
Good luck!! I hope your appointment goes perfectly. Hopefully there is just more stress on the other side of your mouth due to only chewing on that side or something and no big problems
Nice, IzzyB!

I have my 3-hour appt today to build up my broken tooth that was just root canaled and to take care of a neighboring tooth cavity. (Hope it can still be filled normally since its been a 6-week wait and it hasn't gone to root canal needed status.)
My dentist has no idea that now my other side of mouth is having tooth pain so I'm still freaking out on that.
And I hear you on the headache to tumor anxiety. I'm a health anxiety person too.
How’d it go for you?
First treatment appointment done! Crown prep and temporary crown on #20, new fillings on 18 and 19 and fillings on 12 and 13.

In 3 weeks, return for permanent crown and the rest of the fillings on my right side. Still numbed up so hopefully no pain when that wears off. I am relieved for now and excited to get the rest of it done in 3 weeks so I can stop stressing about the fillings and move on to stressing about the extractions :)
How’d it go for you?

Thanks for checking in and great job getting all your work done!!!!!

It went pretty well. Got crown prep and temporary grown on root canaled tooth and 1 nearby cavity filled. The drilling seemed to go on forever. All was good but I think I had a reaction to the anesthetic. After the root canal when we were driving home I got an eye migraine aura and my hands got slightly tingly. This time, I didn't get the eye thing but I got the weirdest, most awful thing in my hands. They started tingling which is fine but then that turned into them buzzing and vibrating and well I don't even have the words to describe. I said to my husband we might need to go to the fire station (we were well past any medical, I'm out in the boonies a bit) because something is not right. We went home though and after a bit of time they settled down back to a light tingle.

We didn't get a chance to look at the opposite side of mouth which is now hurting. I mentioned that, "I think I'll have some more work for you as the opposite side is hurting now." He said sometimes that happens when you are avoiding one side. I did let him know I have one tooth in particular that's pretty sore. We'll check when I go back for the permanent cap.

Today the side they worked on feels good! Opposite side ouchy from both keeping the jaw open and whatever else is happening over there.

How are you feeling today?
I'm glad to hear it went well aside from the aftermath! That sounds scary. Hopefully the pain subsides soon for you too.

I am good. I woke up this morning a little sore but I guess that makes sense after having my mouth open for almost 3 hours etc. I am pretty sensitive generally and bruise when I get poked slightly hard lol
Hi Izz, yes a little sore to be expected for sure.
I'm pretty exhausted but that is also par for the course for me after a big ordeal.
I'm not feeling great today. No pain in the teeth but I'm not sure I like my new dentist. My gums are pretty inflamed, the fillings don't feel smooth at all 48 hours later, and I am getting worried. They look okay to my eye but I can feel the edges between my teeth with my nail (I think it is overhang?) and it is not comfortable. I feel like the dentist may have rushed through these fillings and not did a great job. Floss is tearing a bit.

If they're all still gritty after the weekend, I will not be letting this dentist do any other fillings on my mouth. From what I've read, they should smooth out after a little while. So if all 4 have that issue it seems indicative of a dentist who doesn't take the time to smooth things out and make sure they are as close to perfect as he can get them before finishing up.

We'll see how I feel on Monday, but I may be calling to cancel the other fillings and finding another dentist to examine me and do fillings/fix these fillings if they are bad. Now I'm worried about how my crown will be too. Disappointed because the reviews were great, but they gave me to their newest dentist, not the practice owner, and maybe I shouldn't have trusted that judgement.
Hi Izzy, sorry to hear that. Give it a little time. I've found that sometimes it feels weird at first and then you get used to it or it kind of loosens up itself or whatnot. Also it's often easy for them to do a little smoothing and trimming after the fact as needed.
Thanks! I’m hoping it all settles down but getting a little worried about the molars. Hoping I don’t need any more root canals. There’s some pain but I can’t really tell where it’s coming from. Not unbearable yet though so waiting on it a bit.

I still have to go back to that dentist for my crown so I hope that goes smoothly

I’m going to hold off on the rest of my fillings until January. My insurance starts over then and my mouth will be healing from my extractions. I definitely want to go to a different dentist as I don’t feel super comfortable with the one I went to, so I made an appointment for a different one in January with one that looks great (I actually went to school with one of the young dentists and his family own the practice.)

I let them know all my issues. They also specialize in cosmetic dentistry so they can help me get my mouth healthier and then prettier hopefully lol

How are you feeling?