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Dental treatment soon after approx. 10 years

I’m really having anxiety about going back to the dentist. I just got an email from the dentist and I am freaking out a bit about making another appointment. Part of me just wants to go back to the office I didn’t like very much so I don’t have to go through the whole “new patient” experience again. I don’t want them to be my long term dentist though so I know I need to power through the fear.

I know I need to go soon, or this cavity will surely turn into a root canal. If it hasn’t already in the last 2 months. I wish I could just be at the maintenance phase already.
Hey guys, it’s been a little while.I’ve managed to not think about my teeth that much the last few weeks. Still taking care of them, but many less moments of thinking I will lose them all in the next ten years. Haven’t cried at all lol

Since I’m back from my trip now, it is time to get back on getting things fixed. I still need another filling, my old Invisalign attachments removed, extractions, possible new ortho, and eventual implant hopefully. I am getting anxious again about making an appointment but I know it must be done.

Right now I’m most freaked out about my cavity that needs filling as it looks big so I hope it doesn’t need a root canal once they get in there. The rest of it doesn’t worry me too much except for the implant but I know that will be months away

Will call another dentist this week and try to find someone. Hoping 3rd time is the charm! Hope everyone is doing okay.
Just read this update and again i can.fully empathise with your feelings, in fact I've posted on here before to one of your posts. Dental issues can certainly overtake your life, especially when you have issues that crop up out of the blue like your cavity that might turn into a root filling. Been there got the t shirt!

We belong to a very select group who are hyper sensitive to every twinge and pain in our mouth. It sucks, but we just have to get on with it.
Good luck.
I haven’t been on here in over a year. I’ve had other health issues to worry about. A benign tumor in my pituitary and some weird eye stuff

Haven’t been back to the dentist. Today I noticed my gums look like they receded some in my bottom front teeth. I have so much other scary stuff going on with my body right now that it seems so unfair to me that this is happening to me at 29. I have had such good dental hygiene since all of this. Even when I try I guess I can’t stop things from getting worse. Now I’m so scared to go back to the dentist and have them tell me I somehow have gum disease now. Hopefully it is just from over brushing and I can stop it from getting worse. I feel so hopeless though. Hopeless and scared about my future with these teeth.
@IZZYBELLY2 I love your story. I am having huge issues too and very scared. Do you think you never needed the work and that the dentist was robbing you? I feel and live with that everyday.
@IZZYBELLY2 Im dieing because the dentist hacked of the back of my tooth for a filling that fell off. It feels so scary.
@toothfailure hope you’re doing ok. I haven’t been on here in a long time because other health issues have been much heavier on my mind.

I do think some of the fillings I got probably weren’t needed. They knew I hadn’t been in ten years and the two dentists I’d gone to had different treatment plans.

I still have work I need done (and cosmetic work) but I have been too depressed to think about my teeth. plus it’s so expensive and I have a lot to pay for outside of dental work right now. I do have excellent home care and even after having not gone for ten years the hygienist said I did a beautiful job.

I think my issues were honestly mainly from not flossing and eating/drinking too much sugar. My cavities were pretty much all between my teeth. It does upset me that I let things go the way they did but I also feel confident I am taking great care of my teeth now.

I plan on going back in very soon. Honestly at this point I’m more afraid of the cost of a new crown and implants and any replacement fillings and orthodontic work than the actual dentist.
hi, i struggle everyday with my teeth. Just the constant memory of fillings and how strange they feel. I hope you feel better. I have been depressed too and the thought of teeth really brings me down. It is a new struggle I wish Id never been involved in, (unnecessary dental work, etc) Hopefully we will overcome. Thanks sooo much for writing!!!