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Dental urgency care vs Dental phobia



Junior member
Jun 11, 2020
To make a long story short -- I've developed a tooth ache in my front tooth and it's gotten to the point where eating is difficult. I have not had a regular dentist in a long time, and when I did it was far away. However, because of Covid, I am unable to schedule a dentist appointment and get a feel for what I'm getting in to -the dental that my insurance covers is all in house and the only thing open is urgency care. I would put my dental phobia on the high end -I was a fight or flight child with dentists and don't really have any good experiences with any to speak of. Everything about a dental office and dentist visit sets me on edge, and I'm not sure much would alleviate that fear. I'd really like to ask to be sedated - Nitrous Oxide - but I'm concerned I'll be turned down. Part of me wonders if I should just wait till everything opens properly so I can get the help I need from a dentist I trust (despite the pain), or if I should suck it up and potentially freak myself out more by powering through it.

Just needed to get it off my chest somewhere.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

Hello and :welcome: to DFC

Sorry to hear this tooth has been giving you some pain ... It is really hard now too with fewer dentists being opened and alot more people going to Dental ERs and urgent clinics. Are you talking about a dental ER , and not just a medical one right?

I go to an Emergency dentist as my regular dentist. I can say that I would recommend him personally to an anxious pt with a little disclaimer. He is very kind and wants to make sure as an emergency dentist he makes sure everything is painfree and I am comfortable, he wants to make sure I"m numb and don't feel anything . and he very much respects my stop signals. Even though he is quite busy, I believe he cares deeply for his patients and that his work is good. I do know that he does nitrous and sedation as well and wants pts to feel comfortable whatever they choose. Dental ER can tend to get you in much quicker.

I can say he is not the talk you through every step type or very psychologically helpful with deep rooted anxiety concerns . for that I come here. but I do know he is competant and safe in a physical way and that is is safe enough. in an emotional level that we will stop if you are having a hard time or he senses you can't go on. And won't shame or blame.

That is just my example of going to an emergency dentist. of course some are a little more rushed than others and if you go to one I'd let them know you are anxious and want someone who works with anxious pts well .. otherwise if they don't respond good to that I'd call your reg dentist and wait if you can. because yes you don't want to go backwards do to bad experience but you wnat to take care of any persistant pain.

That being said , it might really be worth a shot . alot of emergency dentists out there are really patient, kind and competant.