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Dentisit opinions please!


Lovely cogan

Dec 31, 2015
I am completely stressed over my wisdom teeth. I saw one surgeon who said they need to be removed asap as there is no room for them. I did not like the surgeon so i plan to see another one for another opinion. I got my xrays from the surgeon and after closley looking at it to me it looks like they are coming in somewhat straight but angled as well..it seems they can just come up. I am 21 nd a half..If i look in my gums in the back i can see some thin indented area where it feels they can poke through in time. Based on my xrays do they really look fully bony impacted and have no room to emerge? Also the surgeon said my teeth extraction would require complicatioms nd my insurance does not cover that so reallyjust need some other opinions while i find another surgeon to see! He said 5 to 10% nerve damage but is saying it will be complicated? I am so stressed about why the xray looks so complicated except for being close to the nerve which is seems is only a small risk...but he says its complicated? He mentioned nothing on the top one but i have been reading and there could be a complication with the sinus? The surgoen said nothing about this though..further confusing myself. Any responses would be appreciated.


Mar 12, 2016
Hi there

I'm not an expert on this but they both look to have nerve involvement. It might be worth exploring the option of a coronectomy (leaving the roots in place) to possibly avoid nerve issues?


Mar 7, 2014
I have a similar issue. I have to have a wisdom tooth taken out and saw a horrible man today and dont want him. He told me about posible nerve damage if he is not very careful. I am going to get a second opinion as this man scrared me and he was not friendly and did not put me at ease. When he told me it was a surgical extraction I asked what that meant and he basically told me I had no right to ask.