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Dentist accidentally smashed out my upper central incisor (and worse)



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Dec 3, 2015

I joined this forum today and really need to vent. I've never been afraid of what dentists do in the surgery (until a month ago). As a child, I went regularly and was gassed and had all sorts of work done, including two root fillings which have caused me pain (on and off, often on) for 27 years). But once I saw x rays of how badly perforated one of my root fillings was, then I became afraid of poor quality, ugly and unnecessary work being done, which would leave me in pain for years afterwards. So, once I was 18, I looked after my teeth incredibly well to avoid having any more dental work done.

One of the painful root fillings, the most perforated one, was on my upper right central incisor. I finally had enough money for an implant this year, so had it extracted and an immediate implant done. The dentist wanted huge amounts of money upfront. On the day of the implant I lost trust in him because he didn't do what he said he would do: he said he'd shape the temporary bridge so I could close my teeth - he didn't do this, so I couldn't chew for two weeks until he shaped it. He said he'd do a gum graft - he didn't. He said I wouldn't need a bone graft. After the implant procedure, he said he did actually have to do a bone graft after all, and it would cost me £565. (I had signed a contract saying that if a bone graft was necessary it would cost between a hundred and something, and £575). I was suspicious, because he'd seen 2D and 3D xrays showing bone loss, so I feel he should have known if he might have to charge almost the maximum charge).

The temporary bridge was awful, poor fit and awful appearance, I lost my confidence because when I spoke I lisped because of the gaps between the teeth, and people could see the implant's metal abutment showing above it when I opened my mouth (I have a gummy smile). So my mental health was rock bottom during the five months of the implant treatment. There were other shortcuts he took too with the treatment which I feel made my gumline recede more than it would have otherwise done. When I took a note of my concerns in he snatched it off me, angrily before I could read it to him.

One time he took off the temporary bridge he used a thumping tool which smashed off one of the metal wings. He didn't tell me it had smashed off until he'd put the bridge back on, but just cemented to one tooth this time (my upper left incisor). Anyway, when he came to hammer it off again with his thumping tool on 2nd Dec, he smashed out my upper left central incisor almost to the gumline. So that now needs either extracting or root filling with a post retained crown. When he smashed it out he said 'it had two large fillings and decay behind one (or both, I forget exactly) so it probably wouldn't have lasted for much longer anyway'. That was not what I needed to hear, I needed to hear, 'oh no, i'm so terribly sorry, so very sorry, that's a terrible mistake'. The tooth he smashed out was fine for my purposes, eating, talking, never painful. Just not strong enough to withstand getting deliberately hammered by a man standing above me whilst I was lying powerless underneath him. It's a terrifying experience I keep thinking about. (He did say in his initial report to me to have an implant, because having a traditional bridge instead would damage my upper left, which would be a shame as it has only had 'little treatment'). If he'd said there was a risk it might smash, I'd have gone to someone who used temporary dentures not temporary bridges.

What's maybe worse is that the implant he did put in, on my upper right central, was put in the wrong place, too far buccally, so it looks terrible, and the gum will probably continue to recede because it doesn't cover over the crown. But if I have the implant extracted it will do huge damage, also causing further recession. I could have the implant crown taken off, but I cant have a bridge from my upper left incisor now he's smashed it out. I can't have a bridge from my upper right lateral because it has a post retained crown (the other dodgy root filling from my childhood). I could have that tooth extracted but there probably wont be enough space for an implant because the implant he used was massive.

The implant didn't solve my pain problem, the level of pain is the same as before, but more frequent now. And now my smashed tooth hurts. I can't go back to him for treatment, I'm too scared. I should have trusted my gut feeling and just left at the start of the implant treatment, despite having paid loads upfront. He was nice and attentive before I paid up and signed the contract, after paying up he became dismissive. I feel sad because I really did loads of research into best implants, best practitioners, and he seemed fine, teaches on an implant degree programme, has a doctorate, said he had something like a 99% success rate, said he'd done a couple of thousand.

I'm in limbo now, going between consultants and waiting for their reports. They say things like 'the implant is in the wrong position, it will do huge damage to remove it. Perhaps better to just remove the crown and let the gum heal over it (ie 'bury it'). There are no good options. I'm spending my days thinking about what to do, feeling grieved that dentists have caused me so much physical and emotional pain over my life. I lie awake at night thinking about it. When I get to sleep it's not for long, and sometimes I dream about teeth falling out or spurting puss.

I know some dentists will have integrity, so I don't want to dismiss them all. But I've had terrible ones. I'd appreciate any understanding messages. Thanks for reading, I really did need to vent.
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Hi I am saddened to read of your experience with this dentist. I do agree with you that you should have listened to your own instinct and not gone back after the first app.

You did and you now have to try and put it to the back or your mind, you made the decisions you made at the time and cannot change that now. You can now deal with the problems you have and take advice from the people treating you now.

I am thinking you are in the UK as you talk about the costs in pounds. I would continue with the treatment you are getting now and also gather up all the information about your oral condition from these people, also get hold of your dental records from your dentist. They have to give you these but may make a charge for them. They are important to have for you though. I would then get in touch with the GDC (General Dental Council) you can do this on-line and explain to them the way you have on here what has happened to you. As much detail that you can remember will help, write everything down so that you don't forget anything.

Once you have contacted the GDC they will contact you back and take it from there. They can't get you a refund or find you someone to treat you but they can investigate this dentist and stop it happening to someone else. If you know this dentists registration number it will help. On the GDC website there is a section that will allow you to get his registration number, you just put in his name and or where he practices and it will give it to you. A lot of dentists show their number.

I hope you get sorted out and that the people treating you now can help you get a healthy mouth and out of pain.

You are most welcome to vent, I would be. The majority of dentist are good guys and want to help us but unfortunately there are a few rogue ones that just see the £ signs.

GOOD LUCK :clover::clover::clover: Let us know how you get on please. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::friends::butterfly:
Thanks Carole for your reply. I did complain to the GDC and they investigated him and have published a warning on their website about him. So that's good, I think he'll be more careful about how he treats people in the future. I've had the infected implant removed now, and am no longer in near-constant pain, although the tooth he broke is still tender, and I have to wear a denture which is uncomfortable, and painful at times.

It took sooo long to sort out. Dentists kept saying they would treat me then deciding after a month or two that they wouldn't after all. The first consultant I saw would cost a fortune so I went to another cheaper one. He said yes, then eventually he said he's changed his mind, go back to the first consultant. The first consultant then made an appointment to remove the implant but changed his mind, and said I deserved to be seen by someone with a full time service to offer. He said my general dentist would permanently crown the smashed tooth. She said no, I needed to have my implant removed and crown restored by the same place so everything matches. I eventually found someone to remove the infected implant. He only did implants and referred me back to my general dentist. My general dentist then said that I need to see another consultant (her medical notes say that her insurance company agreed that it would be good to refer me to another consultant with a view that they would do the work). After about 8 months of waiting to see the consultant and then getting the consultants report, he said my general dentist could do the work. Eventually she agreed and restored my front teeth. Whilst waiting for all this I was in a lot of pain and my temporary crown fell off 8 times, which was very distressing, as it was a front tooth. I saw a dentist about every 2 weeks for nearly 3 years, because of all the delays.

Thanks again Carole, your reply was really helpful. It was good to have the GDC on my side :)

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