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Dentist appointment tomorrow and nervous as hell



Junior member
Mar 23, 2011
I have got my appointment with a dentist tomorrow :o - the first in about 8 years and I know I need so much work done if not total extraction. I am so scared. I know technology has advanced in recent years but my main worry is, if they do remove all my teeth, how long will it take for them to make a plate or is there something they can put in straight away.. I don't think I could handle living with no teeth at all for any amount of time. Secondly, I am going to need sedation for the work (I have this fear of dying in the dentist chair - I know that's irrational but that is what a phobia is) can they remove them all at once?
Last of all, could someone give me a quick run down of what first appointments consist of?

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Hi louloubell :),

congratulations on making an appointment :cheers:! I hope your visit goes well and that you like and trust the dentist.

To answer your questions:

Almost always, it is possible to fit you with immediate dentures. Can't really comment on all the intricate details though because it varies so much from person to person. Also, it's probably best to find out first what the dentist suggests before getting into the nitty-gritty of available options!

You can find a description of a typical first appointment here:

However, if you are very nervous, you may not want do all the things listed there. You may just want to have a chat with the dentist first and tell them about your fears. You can find more info here:

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed for you :thumbsup:
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction :) I feel a little more in control now although the real test will be in a couple of hours when I am at the appointment.
Lou :)
Dear Louloubell,
We all hope your appointment yesterday went well! You have taken the first, brave step. Hopefully, the dentist was kind and patient with you and explained everything. Did he/she recommend a plan of care? Take some time to process everything that was recommended. Let us know about your experience.
Best wishes!