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Dentist Appointment tomorrow for cavity filling. Scared about shot...



Junior member
Sep 19, 2018
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to get 4 cavities filled, and I'm scared. I've heard that the filling part doesn't really hurt, but people are giving me mixed opinions about the shot. I can handle a bit of pain, but does anyone know how bad the shot actually hurts like 0-10. I'm kinda having a panic attack about this since I've never had one before. :shame:
Personally for me, the pain was about a 3 of out 10 and it lasted literally like 5 seconds. I have heard that you could also get a numbing gel before the shot, so you would not feel the shot. Perhaps you could ask your dentist about this.
Hi Sarahx,

shots can be done entirely painlessly and it is a matter of your dentists skills. If he delivers slowly, you will be fine. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist anout this. May I ask you which teeth are you getting filled?

You may already be there or done but if not I wish you the best, I second Enarete.. in slow delivery makes it more pain free. My dentist explained 3 things .. it was the slow delivery, the temperature, so room tempture is less painful that just out of cooler. and one other thing I forgot.. but.. I've had 2 dentists that have really give me shots at the 0-1 on painscale the whole time .. including my current and another. hardly even notice . sometimes I close my eyes and I don't even know its over.. the gel does help. I always get the topical.

Hope all goes well. Let us know.

I decided to reschedule for next week just because I felt way too worked up to go today. Hopefully the extra time will allow me to clear my brain of my fears so I can go in there and get it over with. Thank you so much for the reassurance. :)

This can all be scary. We all do this at our own different paces and comfort levels. We are here to encourage you along the way. :). Hope all goes well next week . I can testify to lots of 0-1 on a painscale shots though . :) Its definately worth it and will be over before you even think about it once you do .
i dreaded the needle the first time years ago, didn't have a cavity until i was 30, but with topical, it can only feel like a sting if they don't do it right where they sprayed. I find the needle the easiest part, it's all the rest i dread. I hate needles but somehow in the gum it doesn't feel as bad as other places. Good luck next week.:) Don't wait too long, don't want to end up with worse work needing done like a root canal, i need one in the next couple weeks.

The key thing for a pain free injection is doing it slowly, gently and gradually.
I talk about this in my video about fear of pain during dental treatment.