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dentist appointment tomorrow, i need an air bag!



Junior member
Feb 25, 2013
its only a check up but check up's lead to needing other treatments possibly, when i was 5 i had a tooth pulled due to an abcess and its been a worry to go ever since, i get rid of one appointment and they make another in 6 month and i worry for 6 months then... short breathing at the moment and ill doubt ill sleep tonight at this rate! i just cant get it in my head dentists are there to help you, i feel like everytime i go they want to take something off you... :( :cry: one dentist is good, but the other is tooth pulling happy...hopefully ill get the better one tomorrow..
If it is just a check up they can't do anything to your mouth or teeth that you don't want them to do...Can you ask your doctor for ativan for your appoinment? That would help you relax..You just have to have someone go with you. Best of luck tomorrow....:clover:
Hi 150728 :welcome: to the forum.

They can only do what you agree to. You don't say how old you are and you don't have to. You mention about the time when you were 5.

They ask you to go back in 6 months because once you are orally healthy then if you do go in 6 months if there are any changes in your mouth they will probably be small things that can be fixed easily. If things are left then they are big jobs and may take a few visits.

You have to consent to treatment so if you really don't want work done on your mouth you don't have to. If you discuss with the dentist the pros and cons of having or not having treatment then you can reach a decision that you are happy with.

I hope your appointment goes well for you, let us know how you get on. :grouphug: