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Dentist appt tomorrow



Junior member
Apr 20, 2017
After avoiding the dentist for almost 10 years I finally have an appointment tomorrow.

When I was in college I had a toothache and made my first dentist appointment. I asked my mom why I had never been to the dentist as a child. She told me that I HAD been to the dentist once but I panicked and attacked the dentist, and we had to leave. I have zero recollection of this, I must have blocked the traumatic memory.

Unfortunately going to that dentist in college didn't help my fears at all. She was mean, lectured me, and made fun of me because my teeth were "too small" (I'm petite, they're normal sized!), she told me my smile was ugly and my life would be better if I got braces. After having two fillings I never went back.

I finally worked up the courage to go in for an exam because my gums bleed a little when I brush my teeth. That problem on its own probably isn't horrible, but I also have hypochondria, and started freaking out and thinking I must have a horrible gum disease. That turned into an infection and that turned into needing to have my teeth removed. My jaw started hurting and I had a twitch in my jaw muscle for almost a week from anxiety. The problem with anxiety disorder is that it causes symptoms or makes me imagine them completely so it's hard to know what is real.

But anyway. I'm seeing the dentist tomorrow. He has excellent reviews online and I hope he'll be nice. Right now my main fear is the x-rays since I always gag so much, and my previous dentist yelled at me for that. I'm also terrified that he'll tell me I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out, because the surgery sounds really scary, especially if you're older. Hopefully everything will turn out okay. I'm mostly just venting here today but I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!
Welcome and good luck tomorrow! It's a HUGE deal that you were able to make the appointment, so be proud of yourself for that. If anyone at the office yells at you or makes you feel badly, you should find a different dentist. Please let us know how it goes.
I feel a bit silly now. The dentist actually said I have "above average" teeth, I was scared for no reason.The dentist was amazingly patient and let me take a break when I was having trouble with the x-rays. Overall, the appointment took less than an hour. I don't have any cavities, just a little bit of inflammation from going so long without a cleaning. I asked about the wisdom teeth and he said that they don't need to come out unless they start really bothering me. I might have a full x-ray at some point to be sure, since he didn't do the full scan of my jaw etc, but I'll have to work up to that.
There's no reason to feel silly! Anxiety and fear are real!! I'm so, so glad it went well for you!!

I put off the dentist for far too long and didn't go until I was in super amounts of pain, but even then it was difficult.

For some of us it is a big deal; you did super well :)