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Dentist appt tomorrow



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Sep 4, 2020
I'm starting to get very anxious now as I have an appt tomorrow to fix a broken filling - if it can't be fixed i think she will want to extract it. I have no pain or sensitivity.

I have had this new dentist for 2 years now but have never had any treatment with her so feeling a little nervous about that.

I want to ask her if she can check another tooth for me that had a tiny chip in (been like that about 3 years) , do you think she will check it again even though I only had an appointment a couple of weeks ago for a check up? I don't want her to think bad of me for keep asking questions etc. I also have a tiny bit of rough filling behind a front tooth which where a tiny bit of enamel chipped near the gum its now rough. She can see it but couldn't fix it at my check up because for any drilling etc they have to have full PPE and cant see any other patients afterwards but I'm wondering if she will be doing a bit of drilling anyway whether she might fix that for me? She said I wouldnt need numbing for that part as its a tiny little bit. Is it worth an ask?

I'm really scared but worried she will get sick of me keep asking stuff all the time.
Hi MomOfBoys1985,

if the filling can't be fixed, there should still be another options as how to go about it, it doesn't have to mean extraction. Btw. it is you who decide what will happen to the tooth anyway, so I can only encourage you to get few days to think about it in case a different treatment is needed.

As for your other questions: dentists are really used to people asking about teeth and pointing out things that are not 100% ok yet, asking to get something polished or about bits that don't feel right. It is fine to ask and it's not annoying for them. Your dentist probably have already forgotten that you asked once. So just go ahead. You may even want to let them know that asking makes you feel uncomfortable - I sometimes say something like "I know I already asked about this last time, but it is really bothering me, so could you please... " or "I don't want to be a bother or come up with other topics, but there is this one thing..", it makes things easier for me.

Fingers crossed for today, let us know how it went!
I agree with Enarete you should ask whether there are other options. I have started to ask more questions now.
Thank you both so much. All done and dusted thank goodness!

So, my appt was 3.45, I was worried sick to be honest. I spoke to my dentist beforehand about a couple of other teeth I just wanted her to check for reassurance - she has smoothed a rough bit on the back of a front tooth and smoothed off a chipped filling aswell.

She numbed me up - its the first time I have had any dental treatment with her. The injection wasn't completely pain free but no where near as painful as I was expecting. She xrayed the tooth and said there was no decay there so she did a little drilling and then fixed up the filling using some sort of white filling material.

She looked at another tooth along (#31) as it was apparently that tooth she has been watching for a while. She wasn't sure if when she began drilling #30 she might find a bit of decay and we agreed beforehand if she did then she would make the decision to do whatever she felt necessary (apart from extraction) and she would tell me after because I would be anxious to decide at the time. However, all was good and nothing needed doing to that one.

Feeling a bit sore now in my jaw - I had convinced myself it was toothache but its mostly when I move my jaw so I think its from either having my mouth open in that position or maybe even from the injection or something. Fingers crossed it all holds ok!

She was very kind and very patient with me. I did feel sorry for them both in full PPE with the mask, visor, breathing thing (no idea what its called but it looked pretty serious stuff!). They were sweating when they removed it. They had to literally remove everything from the worktops - there was nothing in sight. It was so weird.

She did say she will see me in 6 months and not to stress anymore because all is good!

Thank you so much for all of your support. I'm so glad I found this place xxx
This is great, well done MumOfBoys1985! :jump::jump::jump:
Glad you were able to cope with the discomfort of the injection and made the experience that it wasn‘t as bad as you thought. Things are usually not as bad as we picture when we are anxious so it‘s great you found out yourself.

I love reading how you and your dentist agreed on what to do in case of decay on #30 and I like it for two reasons: it shows that your dentist is on board with you and works as a team with you and secondly it shows that you were open and honest about your anxiety, about preferences and about boundaries too. It couldn‘t be any better. I bet she appreciated your trust as you told her to just go ahead with whatever she feels is necessary.. and at the same time you set a limit by saying no extractions. That‘s how a good team work should work. Well done again and give yourself a pat on the back.

It is not unusual to be a bit sore after a filling, could be your jaw, could be the numbing. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Thank you Enarete. That means alot to me.

Still a little sore today but not as bad. I have braved the mirror and had a good look at her handy work, it looks pretty good. Theres a tiny bit on the edge that seems a little rough but i can only feel it when poking about with my tongue so its no problem.

I am tying to build my confidence in eating on that side again but I'm a little nervous. Theres no pain in the tooth, just I have avoided eating on that side for so Long that I'm nervous incase the New bit of filling comes off. I'll keep trying with softer foods first and fingers crossed I'll be able to stop worrying soon

Thank you once again:grouphug: