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dentist communication/ implants



Junior member
Aug 27, 2016
Hi, started the process of getting implants to replace large bridge last year.
My general dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. He seemed great - completely understood my problem which is quite complex.

I had the first stage - grafting which went well. BUT I've increasingly over the last 8 months become frustrating by the surgeons communication. The treatment plan - seems to change every time I see him. I never receive anything in writing. I'm not at the point where I'm having the second surgery in two weeks and I still don't know how many implants or where he is intending to place them. I'm sure he must have a plan but he seems to be unable/ willing to share it with me. He's currently on holiday and 'unable to receive messages' so I'm not really sure what do. I'm spending thousands of pounds - so expect information and also a certain level of diligence and 'customer service'. I'm left feeling like I'm being a tricky and demanding patient. Am I being unreasonable? Thanks all



Aug 11, 2006
Hello. What is the second surgery for? More grafting or will he be placing the implant? I am in the beginning stages of the implant process myself. I just had the grafting done two weeks ago and have a monthly check in with the dentist in a few weeks. She communicates to me it will be about 3 months before the implant is placed depending how the graft takes and what she sees in the cone scan I will need to take around that time. My understanding is that's it's hard for her to tell me the exact game plan because it is dependent on how I heal and the scan results etc. I think the dentist should be able to tell you at least what he hopes to be able to do based on what he knows so far and what options he has available if that isn't the best route.