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Dentist drilled wrong tooth!



Junior member
Aug 26, 2011
So I went to the dentist today to get a cavity filled. it was an upper left molar. The dentist numbed it and left for a few minutes, then came back with his assistant and started. They started drilling my BOTTOM left molar. Since I have a few cavities, I figured they were just killing two birds with one stone. They drilled for a few minutes (and it was painful) then started on my top left molar. Once they finished filling the cavity, the dentist left without saying anything. I asked the assistant if they worked on both teeth and he said, "Nope, only the top one." I asked why they drilled the bottom one and he claimed they didnt touch the bottom one. I then asked the dentist why he drilled the bottom tooth and he denied touching it as well. What should I do? I am 100% confident they drilled the bottom tooth. if it was a mistake, then we will figure that out, but to stand there and lie to me is bogus, especially for being my new dentist.
If they drilled the wrong tooth you'd have a hole there wouldn't you? If they did drill it and filled it up, it would probably be easy to spot in the mirror that the tooth has a new filling. Maybe get a second opinion and then consider whether you need to take it further.

Not a dentist I'd stick with since they caused you pain during drilling regardless of anything else. Did you alert them to your discomfort at the time?
If you are sure that he did indeed drill the wrong tooth then look for the following:
1. Was there some sort of a treatment plan prior to the start of any work?
2. See another dentist and ask the dentist if there is a hole in that bottom tooth.
Well I'm not sure if he actually filled it with anything. But since they numbed the top it hurt quite a bit when he was drilling the bottom. When he actually drilled the right tooth there was almost no pain. So I am sure he screwed up big time. Now, I am not lawsuit hungry, but let's say he DID drill the wrong tooth and there is a hole. What should my next step be after having another dentist confirm that he did drill the wrong tooth?
Find out the truth first then it will be documented and go from there but lets not speculate.
The insurance company is going to have another dentist investigate the tooth this week. ill keep you posted when I found out exactly what happened
So I finally got checked out by another dentist (who was amazing BTW) and she confirmed that there is a hole where he drilled. She is going to have to fill that cavity. Also, when I told her I had my teeth cleaned by the old dentist 2 weeks ago, she laughed and said he did NOT do a proper cleaning at all. What should my next step be? do I just get it fixed, gripe to my insurance, or sue the guy?
Depends onhave a where you live.
In USA if he is a member of the ADA then they have a board that mets to address problems like this. It is efficient and will make you whole as far as money goes.
Second choice is complain to the board that gave the dentist the license. In Florida they take these complaints seriously
As far as an attorney goes your damages as very little so you might be hard pressed to find anyone who will take the case but you have that right.
I wont sue, just because I do not have the time for it. I live in California so I will talk to the insurance and see what they are going to do about it first. I will probably bite the bullet and just have the insurance cover the cost to fix his mistake. I did find a new great dentist though. The office was clean, the technology was advanced, and the people were very friendly. One word of advice: Make sure you review your dentist in the future!