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Dentist in a Week



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Mar 27, 2024
I am 24F and extremely terrified to go to the dentist. I haven’t been in almost 7 years. One reason why I stopped going was every time that I went I would get crucially yelled at by my father and if I didn’t go for having bad oral health then there was no reason to get yelled at. I think I made a mistake. For the past year every now and then I’ll feel pain from hot or cold sensitivity and had black lines on my molars. Now I’m terrified I need a root canal. I’m getting married this year and scared of getting a crown or needing the tooth extracted. I do have dental insurance but I’m also scared of how bad my teeth actually are and how much it might cost. Example how many cavities I might potentially have, I have wisdom teeth in, and how bad my tooth decay may be. I take almost 10-15 mins out of my morning and night to brush, floss and mouthwash. Would it be worth it to just extract and get implants or should I get multiple root canals? I’ve been absolutely terrified of what might happen once I go in.


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@Iml03 I know this is terrifying, but the first thing you need to do is get an appointment and get a full evaluation. It won't help to jump ahead to whether or not to get root canals or extractions until you know if you need them and if so, how many. I understand how you feel. I don't get root canals. If it is that bad, I get it extracted. I have lost eight teeth in addition to my wisdom teeth, but I am in my early 50s and did not take the care you have. Believe it or not, my phobia is so strong, that even brushing made me nervous because I would be afraid that it would make something hurt and I would have to make an appointment. All this to say, I understand your fear. I encourage you to tackle this one step at a time. I hope you can find a good dentist and start with x-rays and exam so you know where you stand.