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Dentist music



Apr 3, 2007
you know the way dentists recommend you listen to music while in the chair?
What is your favourite:
Song to listen to?
Song associated with dentists?
Mine is Anything by Coldplay and I think I'll be Ok by McFly Tops the song about dentists! :party:
I have a question about this. Does it not mean that for ever after you associate your favourite music with going to the dentist?

And, how loud does it need to be to drown out the noise? Can you hear people talking to you?
I like loud music in the dentist.It drowns out all noises around me and I can Concentrate on It instead of evil Dentist noises! I would Always Tell Him how loud It is so He doesn't feel offended If I don't reply to Any Questions.
Like-What would Be the song You Listen To Most in the dentist chair and What Song Reninds You about the dentist? :jump:
My ironic side wants to suggest The Sugarcubes and My Friend The Chocolate Cake. :p

But actually, my "emergency happy tape" contains mostly cheesy stuff like Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry, Be Happy, and I'm not worried at all by Moby, and With a little help from my friends (Beatles), and Lean on me by Bill Withers ... you get the idea! :)
My dentist has a TV in each office, and two bright colored paintings on the wall to concentrate on. I've tried concentrating on them, but I still get a flip flop butterfly stomach just sitting in that chair waiting for them to numb me.
it doesn't matter what song is playing on the radio while im in the chair the only one i can hear going round in my head is 'HELP' by the beatles :p :p :p
Hmmm... tricky one :p. My dentist usually has the radio on as well but what's going on in my head is usually a totally different tune :rolleyes:. Even though the guy I see now is as nice as pie, I can't help but think of the dentist song from the film Little Shop of Horrors! :redface:
well i never had a radio when i was htere i just watched sportscenter and thats all i can remember really lol
My orthodontist has a radio in her surgery but dentist doesn't so I bring My Ipod With me and It works Because You can choose your song! :cheers:
My dentist place has sprotscenter on the radio and they have signs saying no cellhpone etc etc. I'm not sure if my Ipod will affect their equipment.
I can't help but think of the dentist song from the film Little Shop of Horrors!

LOL! You are So right! LOL! I remember that! Ha! ;D
In my surgery we normally have some generic radio station coughing out the latest hits...

Until last week - an older patient remarked "That's not very relaxing is it? Have you no Mozart??" So we changed it to Classic Fm.

All was going well until I was about to give her a jab whilst in the background there was a Shostakovich concerto going DUMMM.... DUMM....DUMMMMMMM...!! or some other discordant cadence to that effect :scared:

:) Made a mental note to myself not to change the radio station ever again. :rolleyes:

Pars :)
My dentist has a TV screen in the ceiling, and you can choose to wear headphones to watch what ever is on the telly, or there is a huge library of DVD's for longer treatment. (She doesn't have a copy of Marathon Man, or Finding Nemo. I checked. LOL ) She can also put on the calming 'fish in the aquarium' screen saver with appropriate soothing music. She also has a DVD of Mensa type mind benders and puzzles to watch and try to figure out to really take your mind off the treatment! Apparently this is popular with implant patients. Personally, for my own implant I am hoping the IV sedation will make me not care what is going on.

I watched the fish for my last two appointments as I wanted to hear what was going on..
'knowledge is power ' in the dentist chair for me. :devilish:
I'm going today (maybe, possibly, if I don't call and cancel) and I've already got my DH's MP3 player (don't have one of my own) loaded up with my favorite Christmas music. Yes, I know, it sounds silly but Christmas is my favorite time of year. It's a happy, fun time of friends and family so hopefully it will help put me in that cheerful frame of mind and calm me down.
I don't think it's silly at all! ^ Great idea! Next time I go I'll listen to my Christmas music, specifically. The hygenist never has anything going on so an ipod is great. :-*
They play music in the dentist's office?

But seriously, I haven't noticed. And I haven't brought my own, either. If I did, I'd probably bring something loud and obnoxious:devilish:
I'm not sure if I'd like music on at the dentists, though I know that sometimes when I'm working on the computer, I have a Chopin CD in which I find soothing. But I suppose, on reflection if I were to take music in with me (although the dentist might not like it) it would be some very fast marching music to encourage her to work faster and get it all over with in as short a time as possible.
When i was at the Dentist yesterday - i noticed Jenny has an i-pod on the shelf.
I much prefer listening to music,it distracts & calms me :)
Today at the Dentist, Jenny had some nice relaxing music playing in the backgorund
Helped to calm me a bit :)
I always take a cd walkman with me if I need any drilling done I find it drownso ut the noise. I listen to various relaxation cd's - nature whispers is one with sounds of nature mixed in with calming music