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Dentist or Oral Surgeon



Dec 2, 2016
So i need multiple extractions. Most dentists say they will do this, but the question is are you better off with an oral surgeon, periodontist or an all around dentist.
I would say it depends on how skilled your dentist is and how comfortable you are with it. I have had two extractions done at an oral surgeon, and one at my dentist. While my dentist is quite good, the healing process was much slower with that one. That may have been a total coincidence, but I would say the oral surgeon had a lighter touch.
I have always had much better luck with dentists :) but this sure can vary. My daughter had a great experience at the oral surgeon under sedation though for getting several out before braces. Whichever you choose I think a very important factor is you feel comfortable and that they listen to you and what you need as a patient.
I just wonder if oral surgeons are more qualified, have more training.
Oral surgeons do have more years of schooling and training. They are trained to deal with difficult extractions, and anything dealing with surgery. Dentists can easily handle simple extractions.
Some dentists definately have more experience with difficult extractions with others . My current dentist is an emergency dentist and has had nearly 20 years of difficult emergency cases and did an amazing job at my last extraction where he had to take out in a few pieces, getting it out painfree very calmly and competantly with no complications.. amazing.. Mountain mama is right though I believe too as far as schooling they have a big more specified training and longer.
As I said earlier, it really does depend on the dentist's skill and experience, as krlovesherkids777 said as well. My previous dentist would not do molar extractions at all. My new dentist (from the same office) routinely does molar extractions.

I think that having a diploma (of an oral surgeon, not a periodontist) on the wall increases the chances for a successful treatment or in other words: minimize the chances of complications.
I’m in the U.K., and as far as I know, here general dentists generally do extractions, unless there is a specific reason not to - it’s particularly complicated, you need GA, or whatever. In the last few years I have had an upper wisdom tooth, and a lower molar both extracted by my usual dentist. The wisdom tooth took seconds, but the molar had to be sectioned into pieces and was described by my dentist as “a difficult extraction”. For both, I trusted her 100% that she would do a great job.

As a child I had 14 out for orthodontic reasons (four adult pre-molars, and ten baby teeth) in two sessions, both done by my then usual dentist who has now retired.