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Dentist phobia of nearly 8 years crushed finally! Root canals are NOT scary!



Oct 27, 2018
So for 8 years almost i avoided a dentist entirely. As a kid I had bad experiences, rough dentists, and painful shots and procedures. As a teen and adult I Ignored hygiene when I shouldn't have. My teeth were in awful condition and I'm now dealing with gum disease and alot of affected teeth. I honestly was so scared I figured I'd ignore the issue until I was in so much pain, or at risk of deadly disease. Well, I had a filling fall out of a back upper tooth years back, I filled it with temporary filling and left that in there for almost two years. I cleaned my teeth as much as I could and avoided that side of the mouth.
I gained confidence to try and get a treatment plan, and figure out what was wrong with me. The right dentist broke down my health and told me how serious it was. I'm lucky to be alive after ignoring a tooth infection for years, leaving it dormant to spread to my body. I was too scared of extraction or root canal to deal with it, and couldn't figure out how to afford treatment.
After one office wanted 9 thousand dollars from me out of pocket, I searched and found a great DDS who did a deep filling, root canal, and deep cleaning QUICK and PAINLESS.
I'm here to tell you that if you fear the dentist, please DON'T!! Fear the aftermath of ignoring your health and not facing your fear of the dentist instead. And I can tell you, facing that fear with the right support system was the best feeling ever. I opted for valium and nitrous to make sure I wouldn't be so scared or anxious, and it took all my anxiety away. I hardly even felt the numbing shots before they administered nitrous, and I was completely concious and aware of the procedure during. No pain, just relief!! What was once a dark, rotten tooth in my mouth causing pain, is now a bright white full crown that I will soon be able to eat with and use as normal.
I did everything you aren't supposed to do when scared. I watched videos of live root canal procedures, looked up failure stories, and all of that is NO GOOD! Have faith in your doctors diagnosis, and if you don't, get a second opinion!!! In my case, a second opinion saved me thousands out of pocket and completely ended my fear of dental work! I still have alot of work to be done, and wisdom teeth extraction, but I am now eager to face it.
I am someone who months ago, would vomit from anxiety just by making a phone call to the dentist. My first visit and treatment option visit I was shaking, scared, sweating, in tears and having panic attacks. Alot of this emotion was actually coming from within myself. My dissapointment that I let myself get so bad, that I let my teeth go to waste, I was scared to face that fear. The right dentist fixed all of that for me. I hope this helps someone!
Thanks so much for sharing your story here - and congratulations ??!!

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