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Dentist Recommendations - Epsom area?



Junior member
Mar 20, 2016
Afternoon, a bit of a random question!However, one I feel only this forum may be able to help me with!

I am looking for a new dentist as I have been let down by mine recently and don't feel I can trust them. So I am looking for recommendations for dentists around the Epsom/Surrey area that you have had great experiences with! Happy to travel but ideally want a dentist who will be sympathetic to my fears rather than just see me as a set of teeth!
Stupidly I have just found the recommendations section! I will have a look there first

not sure how flexible you are in terms of traveling, but if you are, check Lincoln Hirst. He is in Welwyn Garden City and absolutely bulletproof when it comes to helping nervous patients.

All the best wishes