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Dentist refused front tooth emergency restoration unless 9 back teeth were pulled first - WHY?



Junior member
Aug 3, 2017
Dentist refused front tooth emergency restoration unless 9 back teeth were pulled first - WHY?

This is why I have feared going to the dentist. My son's front tooth broke and when he went to a new dentist they told him that he needed 9 teeth pulled before they would even consider restoring the front tooth. He is in college and has a job interview for an internship at the local hospital in 2 weeks, so he needs his front tooth crowned before this even if it is only temporary. When I called their office to ask if the dentist really did refuse to help him unless he went to a specialty referral and had all these teeth removed, I was told that wasn't the case and to let him come back for another consult with a more experienced dentist. They reassured him repeatedly that they would have him fixed before the interview, but when I called to make his appointment for the front tooth they told me that the dentist would not fix it until he had the 9 pulled and they now wanted his front teeth pulled as well so he could get dentures. I was in shock and speechless. I told the lady that she told me they would fix his front tooth yesterday. I told her that I also asked if I needed to take him to another dentist, and she said no they would take care of him. I am at a loss for words, but intend to file a formal complaint. Why would a dentist do this? Why would the front office be so dishonest? They tried to hard sell my son into this using fear as a tactic, and when I didn't fall for it they changed their tune and told me the truth. I know dentists can refuse patients, but is this common practice to refuse to restore a front tooth unless the patient has 9 back teeth pulled? Were they just pushing dentures? A lot of dentists seem to be hard selling implants these days. I need some feedback on this before I lose my mind. Will someone please provide some insight?:cry: Is this grounds to even file a complaint? Will other dentists say the same thing? What about his front tooth and finding a job?
Re: Dentist refused front tooth emergency restoration unless 9 back teeth were pulled first - WHY?

Get a second opinion. It's a good bet anyway when a dentist is pushing for extractions in someone so young. It does seem strange to me that the dentist wouldn't do anything for the front tooth. Either the front tooth is able to be crowned or it's not, I'm not sure what the back teeth have to do with that. And the conflicting messages from the front desk suggests a lack of communication in that practice, which isn't a good thing. A dentist should also be able to clearly explain what each treatment is for and why it's necessary. Did they offer no explanation?

If your hackles are up, it's often best to listen to your gut instinct. Go to another dentist.