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Dentist ruined my teeth - braces



Junior member
Apr 9, 2019
I’ve always been terrified of the dentist. So this story is horrendous for me. I would really appreciate some advice or support.

At 13 I had been visiting the orthodontist every 6 months since being around 8. At 13 I was told treatment should have started years ago, and that it was too late to fix my crooked teeth. Years later at 15/16 the orthodontist then said I could have a palatal expander. Which I had for 6 months. This basically breaks your jaw and makes it it wider.

I had this so I wouldn’t need any teeth removal. However, I ended up having 4 teeth removed anyway as my mouth was still too small.

I now know this device is only meant to be used on a mouth that has not fully grown. Therefore about 12 years old is the limit.

I have now finished all orthodontic treatment and my regular dentist has advised that my teeth roots are shrinking due to the trauma of orthodontic treatment. I may/most likely will end up losing some teeth.

I also needed a root canal. Dentist said the only logical cause again was braces as my tooth is healthy :(

Just need to get this off my chest.

So devistated all that work for nothing :(


Well-known member
Jul 1, 2018
Oh, goodness, I am so sorry to hear about your experience! I had braces, and a lot of oral surgery as a kid because I had a small mouth and very crowded teeth. My canines basically got pushed to the roof of my mouth and didn't come in, so I had to have a surgery where they removed pieces of my palate and exposed the teeth, then covered it with a plastic material until it healed. Then they took off the plastic and put brackets on the teeth and slowly pulled them down. I also had teeth extracted to make them all fit. I am confused as to why they told you it was too late to fix by age 13. I didn't get braces until 16, and the oral surgeon would not do any of the surgeries until I was 13, as he said he needed my 12 year molars to be erupting first.

My daughter is 10, and she has already had braces on her lower teeth, as she had her lateral incisor on the bottom "jump" over and come in where the premolar was supposed to be, so essentially her canine and incisor switched places. The orthodontist has fixed it and she gets her braces off this month. However, he has said she can't get full braces until her 12 year molars come in, and her teeth are a mess!

I am sorry for all the issues you have had. I hope you can get some relief from everything and a positive conclusion.