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Dentist told me that tooth was 2/3's gone



Junior member
Nov 21, 2007
last year on my checkup my dentist told me that one of my molars is 2/3's gone and says something like that i should i wait until i am older to fix the teeth (i am 18 currently). that teeth does not hurt when i bite on it. what's more weird is that i just had checkup again a week ago and he said that my teeth were all ok and clean, although he did take x-rays. my question is is it possibel to have a tooth 2/3's gone and not notice it just by looking at it. the tooth still looks fine to me. i would think that a tooth that is 2/3's gone would be pretty noticeable. i do not feel any pain. i would think that it would be pretty close to the nerve it it were 2/3's gone.
That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Unless maybe you misinterpreted something - maybe he meant that the wisdom tooth was 2/3 formed and that he wanted to extract it later on? It's hard to say. One other possibility is that you had a large filling before, and that there was only 2/3 of the tooth left. The dentist may be looking at placing a crown on that tooth once you turn 18 to allow the gums to mature fully?
That would be my take on it too- they possibly meant that the wisdom tooth was 2/3rds of the way through?