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Denture Anxiety


Magical Rose

Junior member
May 14, 2024
So I got an upper denture a few years ago and I got two soft liners and one hard liner, but I took an almost year long break from wearing them since I could just put a mask on and hide that I don't have my denture in. But I never had any other adjustments really so they were always uncomfortable, but now they are even worse and I don't think me gaining weight has helped (I was around 85 pounds when I got them) So they make me miserable and uncomfortable 24/7. It has made pretty much every aspect of my life worse and I don't have the money right now to get them fixed.

I think with the years of tooth pain, losing teeth, being uncomfortable, and now tmj pain and never experiancing comfortable dentures has made me develop this fear of dentures and I'm so scared that I'm never going to be comfortable with them. I was told by a lot of people with dentures that a good fitting one is supposed to feel comfortable and you can forget about them (never going to the same as real teeth) How are good fitting top dentures supposed to feel? And how do I deal with this anxiety? I don't want to be uncomfortable for the rest of my life