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Denture Cost in Canada (or U.S)



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Nov 22, 2016
I will be having a full upper denture made soon, but have no idea how much it will cost.

I am looking for the price of an old-fashioned denture, not one supported by implants, and if you have both upper and lower, I'd be very interested in how much that cost too.

I live in Toronto, where all dental work is private, so I think that costs from both Canada and the U.S. are very welcome, and am not asking for prices in the UK because I'm not sure that even the private prices there would be similar.

If you have old-fashioned dentures, and purchased them within the last 5 years or so, could you please tell me how much you paid?

Thanks to all in advance!

When I was looking into it as I assumed I needed them the cost for just the plates from what I found on Google was about 500 and up (to a few grand) per plate depending on materials used, immediate or permanent etc. These prices did not include the extractions though which are about 170 - 300 per tooth depending on difficulty. I am in bc so was looking at bc information and the pricing lists frim the bc college of dentists as well as various dentures websites.
I had the extractions, and some teeth were more difficult to pull than others, and the whole upper ridge cost me $2,600. I definitely want a good looking and really well functioning denture, so am hoping to find out how much it costs to actually have one that I can eat with, and hopefully use without adhesives.

Thanks so much for the information and responding to my post.

Do you have dentures now, or are you just at the searching stage right now?
Hey, I was looking into it due to my fears and anxiety. Turns out I didn't need dentures just an implant so I got off lucky in that sense but I was convinced I would need them hence my search. I spent weeks looking at pics and reading about them and various localish dentists who could make them.
cost vary widely
Depends on quality of dentists
Number of appointments and time spent with you at each appointment
How readily the dentist deals with sore spots and complaints after the delivery
Which lab the dentist uses and what level of service the dentist ask from the lab.
There are many high production denture labs. All use bottom of the line teeth and materials.
The teeth that are used vary tremendously in cost. I would estimate that high quality teeth costs 20x as much as cheap teeth. They wear better, the morphology is better and they are layered in shading like natural teeth.
The actual acrylic that the denture is made from also is available in cheap and high quality material.
I hope this helps more than it confuses you.
No, not confused. What would you consider the cost of a top-of-the-line single ridge denture would be then? $2,000? $5,000? More? That's basically what I'm trying to find out, so that I can plan out my budget. Since until very recently I didn't know that dentures had to be replaced every 5 - 7 years (I thought that you only had to do relines), what money I have, will have to now be divided by about 6, since I'm retired and can't earn or save any more, and am hoping to live for at least 6 more denture replacements. Thanks for responding!