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Dentures at night question



Junior member
Mar 6, 2011
Hey I am a new denture wearer (4 days or so now) and have a problem. I've read how you're supposed to take them out all night. That's great and all but I used to grind my teeth, and still do, so I leave them in. The reason I don't leave them out is because I still have 6 lower teeth, and really don't feel like waking up at 3am with blood pouring out of my mouth from my bottom teeth digging into the top (it's hard enough keeping that from happening when I'm awake!). So what I do is around 8:30pm when the kids go to bed I try to take them out and leave them out until I go to be (around 12am-2am). I have a full denture on the top and a partial on the bottom. My wife says my bottoms seem to be healing much faster than the top, and I think it's due to the fact that my front top teeth are inside the dentures and have suction on them.

Ontop of that, I have this really weird bad breath thing going on. It's not a normal bad breath thing cause by food, I don't really know what it is. I clean my dentures for the entire time they are out (3-5 hours a night), and I rinse my mouth out with warm salt water, then regular warm water (I actually alternate 3 times). I don't swish it around because I was told that's a bad idea while your gums are healing. I'm also on large amoxicillin pills, which I take as prescribed without missing a single dose.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on this/
HI Essial,
For the moment, while the healing is happening, keep the dentures in a night. It's the lesser of the 2 evils. The reason your supposed to keep the dentures out at night to prevent fugal infections occurring under/on the denture. But this tends to happen for long term wearers of dentures who NEVER take their denture out (this is not your concern atm).
The bad breath thing should not initially be a concern (all part and parcel of the healing and getting used to new dentures). If this start to be accompanied by pain though get an appointment with you dentist ASAP.
Do you have a review appointment with your dentist?