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dentures making me dry heave :(



Junior member
Apr 27, 2013
So here's the story, due to a previous Dentist that i had who allowed an infection to go unchecked all but 6 of my teeth had to be removed, the kicker is I'm 26..... so i went to a new dentist and they laid everything out for me that i need a whole brand new top plate for the top of my mouth and a partial clip in plate for the bottom, leaving me with now the only teeth i have left my bottom front 6. Now the only other issue is that i'm on disability and bankrupt so getting funding for said teeth was going to be a nightmare, and i was right, but because of some local organizations i now had half of what i needed. My dentist and i had a long talk about which denture to get first, she pressed for my top, although I insisted i would have more problems with them without the back molars being present on the bottom........ I WAS RIGHT, she insisted other people do it all the time yet i cant keep the god forsaken top plate in for longer then about 30 seconds or until i close my mouth, now i've had the back shaved down because as she put it i have an unusually small mouth, but as soon as my bottom teeth touch that plate the back falls and gags the living hell out of me, so now i'm stuck, depressed, and kinda wanting to toss the plate which is useless to me until i can somehow(remember what i said earlier about my finances)pull the other half of the money out of my rear which by that point I will most likely need to get the top plate relined which will then be another 500$ i don't have because instead of listening to me and doing the bottom plate first i supposedly had to have the top plate done.......... so needless to say, I'm 26, and have severe self esteem problems, to which this does not help its not only making me feel the reflex i HATE most but its exacerbating my depression because i wish i could just get them to stay i but with my financial issues theres no one who would finance the rest of it so i can pay it off slowly..... and every time i go in to see my dentist i get told how important it is that i keep trying and oh how i should already be eating with them....... you cant eat with the damn things if no matter how good the suction they FALL in the back which then makes you gag, i've tried explaining this to her but it seems to go over her head...... i mean my dentist is awesome but sometimes i dont think she understands...:cry::cry::cry:
"but as soon as my bottom teeth touch that plate the back falls and gags the living hell out of me,"

Could be:
1. Bite off
2. No bottom back teeth
both will cause that problem
Hi there,

I am 22 with a full top so i know where you are comign fromw ith the self esteem issues. i think it could be due to the no back teeth as if i feel they are slipping the bottom two molars do stop it somewhat. have you being putting anything in to keep them in place the poligrip adheshive strips are pretty strong and dont taste of anything this might hold then in somewhat better. if you want to chat or private message im always around xxx