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Dentures making me Vomit

Thanks but implants really are impossible. It really isn't that this is my teeth in particular. It would be the same with any part of my body which required any sort of invasive treatment. I can't go through it. Yet, neither can I tolerate anything making me aware of my body. I function just fine in this world only so long as I can ignore my body altogether and pretend doctors and dentists don't exist. As soon as I can't avoid it or them, I go from normal, reasonable person to a gibbering wreck in a full blown crisis.

The real problem here is not the way I look, although the fact I am suddenly and brutally 20 years older is upsetting. It's not that eating is stressful, although it's playing havoc with my digestive system and I'm losing too much weight. It's not that it's effecting my speech, although that is absolutely devastating for me given what I do. It's certainly not whether anyone else thinks I'm attractive or not...I never cared much about that, anyway. It's that the gaps are making me AWARE, AWARE, AWARE! And I just can't turn it off. It's like Chinese water torture 24/7. The plates were supposed to solve the problem. I've been shocked to discover you can feel them in your mouth at all. I never knew that. And they too make me AWARE, AWARE to the point of being physically sick.

I'm so desperate to get away from my own mouth. And there's no where to go.

As for MH, I have been saying to MH for literally decades, that if I don't get some help with this, one day it will kill me because logically we all get older, stuff goes wrong and then they might need to do something life saving and no one will be able to touch me, or because I just won't tolerate what's happening to my body and it will push me over the edge. But, I've been lucky, through all that time. I've been reasonably healthy, so with no other help than CBT, of which I've had shed loads and it's absolutely useless, I just got on with life. But I always knew this day was coming...

Had they just taken the one wisdom tooth they said they were going to take, I would have been ill for a while, but I might not have been too aware after it healed and I would have got better. But they didn't and I am beginning to think there is no solution and no hope.

It's taken this for MH to listen to me at all.

As for any surgical rectification, like implants, I CAN'T get through another procedure or another GA. It was sending me over the edge when they did that for the extractions. I was literally banging my head on the wall and rocking in the corner. I practically had to be dragged in there and I'd lost capacity to consent. They made a best interest decision. I had to be restrained by security when I came round because I was fighting to get away. I can't remember that and I'm absolutely not normally a violent person. Then they had to call the police because I was running off still under the influence of their awful drugs - I can remember some of that.

Besides, the dentist strongly warned against implants. Special care can't treat me any more if I did get them. Not that I could ever consider it anyway.

At the end of the day, I just don't want to be aware any more and I don't want anyone to touch me again. And I know that's asking for the impossible... meanwhile, I have to go for cleaning this week...she's never going to be able to touch me after what happened, but I can't face what happens if she doesn't. I just feel so sandwiched between competing nightmares and I can't see a way out.

I am so sorry. I can understand where you are coming from as far as the awareness of the missing teeth. Losing that many all at once would be hard, especially with your phobia of medical/dental care.

I wish you had better mental health care. As much as I hate the costs of medical/dental insurance and care in the U.S., we have a lot of options as far as mental health care. I hope you can find some kind of way to live with this.
So did we at one time. The govt have starved them of resources and the people working in them are a mixed bunch. Some of them are very good, when you can get access to them. Others are just so jaded they've become indifferent.

Apparently, my name is top of the psychology list now and I might get some Sept/Oct time. But that's a long term solution and doesn't help here and now. And my fear is that they'll be far too late with that.

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be under the care of the team, who are supposed to have a care plan. I've had a full scale battle to get them to do something, anything pro-active. We do know I go into melt down everytime I have contact with medical people and we do know when those appointments are - and yet, they've let me go through all this totally unsupported. Nothing like a plan in place. They actually took away the CPN BEFORE the extraction, saying I had enough support because I see their chaplain once a month. Sweet as he is, he's not a MH professional. I just don't think that CPN had been listening at all. The dentist even wrote to them before hand asking for a briefing and what support there could be for me and got nothing out of them. That much is indifference, not resource. And I'm far from alone in encountering that kind of stupidity in their decision making, apparently.

Only after a number of wholly predictable crisis have they now done a medical passport and an advanced statement. So, should my appendix start to rumble or something, the medical staff will at least know why I can't comply, communicate properly with them, or make decisions, and will have some clue as to what they are dealing with. And only now have they entered into a dialogue with the dentist. We needed THAT months ago, BEFORE they took my teeth.

Only now, after a lot of pushing from me and a major complaint, are they offering to see me prior to the dental appointments, rather than just letting a crisis happen and then telling us there's nothing they can do. They are going to do that this week...just hope it's not too little, too late.
Have you tried anti-depressant drugs? I had a breakdown, because of a fixed bridge (could NOT stand the fact that it was attached to me!), and lost my life for about two months. I became claustrophobic, agoraphobic, and completely TERRIFIED of everything. I have always been the most logical, sensible, rational person I knew, but something in my brain clicked and sent me into a tailspin. My GP put me on an anti-depressant drug, and while it took about 6 weeks to titrate up to a functional dose, it did help me in the end. I was never, and have never been depressed, by the way, but those drugs also do wonders for anxiety of all kinds.
I know some people swear by them and each to their own. I'm glad they worked for you, but I won't. The list of side effects include a lot of things which I'm terrified of. I'm frighten of all drugs actually and struggle even to take the lansoprozol for my acid reflux. I constantly worry they might be harming me in some other way. And of course, I don't trust the doctors prescribing them. My friend's mum died having taken a prescribed dose of a prescribed anti-depressant. Her heart couldn't take it. There is a very real risk they could make things a lot worse. It'd be another thing to worry about.

MH and some GPs have tried pushing those on to me. I started to get quite frighten they could force me and consequently quite frightened of them personally, until I got the advanced statement signed and witnessed, so they can't do that. That was important. I needed to be able to relax over that one, or I won't be able to trust them or engage with them properly when I do get some other therapies. I think they have understood now that pushing medication makes me worse, and backed off. Thank God!

The dentist is talking about Maryland bridges for me. IF she can give them too me, it might help for a while, but I'm a bit concerned you found bridges so distressing. I don't want them to be a repeat of the plates for me, ie the thing that's suppose to effectively give you your teeth back, being impossible to tolerate in the mouth.
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