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Dentures question please



Feb 14, 2018
Hi folks,
It is looking very likely I will be having to have bottom dentures, I am currently going out of my mind with worry over this, the extractions, the embarassment, the shame, the whole situation is making me ill with worry, can anyone please give support on how to deal with this situation? can anyone tell me of their experience with bottom dentures? I am a complete wreck
Della44 i feel you all my upper teeth had cracked down to pegs my teeth actually were inside the gums and i had 1 big front tooth left 3 years ive been like this i suffered sever depresion stopped going out would see my grandchildren without a mask on incase i scared them.It was a 2 year wait and i got my 1st appointment on 01/08/22 the fear ive had for 3 years was crippling scared stiff of the dentist But my teeth had got me down enough i wanted them out.I dont no what came over i walked in i said can i just apologise in advance for what your about 2 see well i shouldnt have bothered they didnt do what i thought they were going 2 which was humiliate me they was absolute sweethearts after my examination i think i was that relieved i let him get on with it which impressios and a filling lol.2 weeks later on 15th/08/22 in quick clean and my bite done. AND on 30/08/22 i had 9 top teeth out and an immediate denture put in i dont no how bacame this brave i even went in 2 my appointments alone i just did it and im so proud of me.And sorry this is long but your the first person ive shared my story with.You can do this x