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Kelly walsh

Junior member
Sep 19, 2022
December 12th is the day I go and get 17 teeth extracted for immediate dentures. I am super nervous! only getting novocaine
I had 14 extracted a year ago with only novocaine. I also took 10 mg of Valium before the procedure. I felt nothing at all. Even the injections which I am terrified of. I think I had about 12 injections. I took music with me and blasted it in the ear pods. Kept my eyes closed from the time I sat in the chair until I got up. Nothing bothered me at all. Make sure to have a sign set up for the dentist in case you need a break. My dentist was wonderful and stopped every once in a while to make sure I was good. Took an hour from the time I arrived until I walked back in my house. Be sure to take your pain meds as instructed. I even set my alarm for night time so I didn’t miss a dose. Only needed them for two days. It is not as bad as it sounds to you right now. For me the waiting was much worse than the procedure. Let us know how you do. Good luck…..you’ve got this!
@Ladydi1724 thank you so much you just made me feel so much better I was freaking myself out worrying ❤️
I just want to say good luck! I don’t have any experience with dentures, but I have had some extractions, and they were fine. The waiting and the nerves are often the hardest part of any procedure because of the fear of the unknown, so try to stay busy and keep your mind on other things if you can. When you can’t help but worry, try to focus on the positives, like how much better you’ll feel once this is all over with! I know that is easier said than done, but I hope it still helps you to hear it. Sending you good wishes! You have definitely got this! Here are some great big virtual hugs for you from me! :hug4:
How did your appointment go? How are you feeling?
Not feeling bad at all I just can’t eat anything. He gave me a strong narcotic I didn’t need I just took ibuprofen I hope I can eat I swear I am going to never eat again lol just sore
So glad you are doing well!!