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Junior member
Jul 24, 2011
Hi, i've not been to dentist for 32 years, i'm not in pain but i am so ashamed of my teeth i feel something has to be done(wether i dare do something or not remains to be seen).I've looked in dental fear database but no luck,does anybody know of a caring painless dentist in the derby area please?.
Re: Dentist in Derby area

Hi and :welcome:

Dove Dental Care in Derby has been highly recommended on another website.

Some practices openly advertise that they welcome nervous patients and these are usually a good bet. There are also some great places that don't mention treating nervous patients, but they're just as good.

You could try making a list of places that you think might be OK and then contact them either by phone or email and explain your situation. You can then compare the responses and maybe visit one or two that you like the look or sound of.

Let us know how you get on.
Re: Dentist in Derby area

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for the reply, i'll check out their website.i've sent emails (daren't phone) to 2 dentists who are phobic registered, one in loughborough and the other in sutton coldfield, i've asked if they can do initial consultation, check up and some work in first meeting because it's going to be hard enough to psych myself up for the consultation/check up after a bad experience with the prodder ? tool many years ago,i supose i'm looking for reassurance in their replies then take it from there,possibly. easy to be brave.......ish when you're sat at home at computer and not commited to anything,i went to opticians for first time in 25 years about a month ago, that was difficult enough and i was fairly postive they wouldn't hurt me.
Re: Dentist in Derby area

Well done for sending those emails; it can't have been easy :).

Usually, first appointments are just for a chat and then an examination (and maybe some x-rays) if you feel ready. If you need any work, this will be discussed too and then you can arrange an appointment to have it done when you're feeling a bit more confident.

If you've had bad experiences in the past, then it's important that you tell them this, so that a) they don't do whatever it is that scares you and b) they can come up with a way to help you feel more comfortable and provide any reassurance needed.

It is very easy to be brave when you're sat at home in front of your computer (I know ;)), but by sending those emails, you've taken the first step. Some people find it helps to take things step by step rather than worrying about the whole thing all at once. So the next step is to see what their replies are like.