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Desperate for RA (relative analgesia) in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire



Junior member
Sep 12, 2012
Anyone know of a dentist who provides RA - relative analgesia -in Huddersfield or area? It's the only way injections will numb my gums!
There's a supplier/servicer for RA equipment in West Yorkshire - https://ramedical.com - maybe you could be cheeky and e-mail them and ask? They're likely to know who currently offers RA in Huddersfield...

Not sure if they'd be happy to give you this information, but I know that the distributor of the Wand in the UK is happy to answer these sorts of queries from patients so maybe they'll be happy to help?
Else you could try and e-mail Richard Charon who offers RA training courses in the UK. He might know of someone who has done an RA course and who offers it. You can find his e-mail address here: [out-of-date link removed]
Bless you for such a speedy reply! Will let you know the outcome of your contacts.
Obviously I can't guarantee that either of them will reply (or know someone) - it's just an idea :). Please do let us know if you manage to get a reply!
By relative analgesia are you meaning things like nitrous oxide or 'gas and air'?
RA availability

Thanks to the administrator on this forum for putting me in touch with a relative analgesia providing company in West Yorkshire. They have given me a list of dentists in Bradford who use this. Think if you are dental phobic RA or relative analgesia will probably resolve all problems. Trouble is most dentists refuse to provide it (there are none for instance in Huddersfield)and insist on extremely expensive total sedation. We dental phobics should start INSISTING methinks!
Re: RA availability

I am not an administrator but I would like to thank you for a lovely post. It is good that you have managed to get sorted out :butterfly:
By relative analgesia are you meaning things like nitrous oxide or 'gas and air'?

Yes - same thing :).

Madgie - great to hear they were able to give you a list - I hope you'll be able to find someone you really like! (oh and I've merged the two threads - hope you don't mind!)