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Desperately seeking success stories for multiple extractions



Junior member
Mar 19, 2014
Hi everyone! I'm freaking out. I am scheduled to have 11 teeth extracted tomorrow morning. All molars to and bottom, including three wisdom teeth. All my teeth are pretty straight, but most are rotted significantly and many are just roots as the teeth have broken off at the gums. I'm more afraid of the recovery process than the actual procedure at this point. I will only have local anesthesia.
I really need to hear from people who have had this done about their recovery experiences. The more positive, the better. No horror stories please, as I am truly terrified of complications.
Thank you!
Good luck. Wish I could say more but my extractions aren't due to happen for probably a couple weeks(depends if I can do my molds next week or tomorrow).

My extraction event will be 15 extractions, 2 fillings, plus getting my partials but tomorrow is deep cleaning day and ? on molds for me. :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared:

All I can say is that the valium, laughing gas, and possibility of local number better work or they'll be peeling me off the ceiling! Currently am freaking out here!
I am having 5 full teeth, 2 broken teeth, and 3 roots pulled out on the 14th. I am also a nervous wreck. I am only getting numby shots. My friend had 10 teeth pulled in one shot and she said it was ok. A little bit of pain but nothing major. She had a flipper put in. I am having a temporary denture put in the same day. I am going to take .50mg of xanax when I get there to help relax me...
The most I have ever had taken out before this was 3 teeth including 2 wisdom and some roots. It was ok... No issues and the only thing I took was Tylenol..
Hi! I can certainly help with a success story regarding multiple extractions. I recently had 32 pulled at one time. I personally think 32 was too many at one time but it all turned out well in the end. The worst part of the extraction process itself was the fear. I was terrified which made everything seem worse then it was. I was given only numbing shots and I felt almost zero pain. If I felt anything at all my dentist gave me another shot then moved to a different place to work. The biggest recommendation I can give is as soon as they are done take the pain meds given. DO NOT let the numbing agent wear off first. Crush the meds if you have to but find a way. It never occurred to me to crush the meds and I was too numb to swallow so I let the numbing stuff wear off and I thought I was going to die until the meds kicked in. Im not trying to scare you Im just trying to inform you of the importance of the meds and also that they work! Actually I guess by the time you've read this your procedure will be done but hopefully someone else who is terrified will read it!
So... I went to the appointment this morning, but only got 4 teeth pulled today. They were the ones that were most infected. I felt that the experience would be far too much for my level of anxiety.
Before the appointment I took 2 benadryl to calm me down some. It didn't really work. It may made me feel tired and disconnected by the time the appointment was over.
The experience itself wasn't that traumatic. The worst part was getting the shot of lidocaine with Epinephrine. The epi gave me a pretty massive jolt of energy that became panic. Luckily, the surgical assistant was there and talked me through it. She also gave me oxygen because the shot made me numb in my throat too, which made it hard to swallow and convinced me I couldn't breath. Obviously that was just the anxiety. I was breathing fine.
Once the oral surgeon started, it was pretty fast and easy. It couldn't have taken him 5-10 minutes to get all 4 teeth out, two of which I didn't even feel coming out.
Took 800mg ibuprofen before I left the office. I had to take more 4 hours later. So far, the pain is not excruciating. My biggest issue is that I am very dizzy and tired, but afraid to sleep.
Eating sweet peas and drinking chamomile tea at the moment. I hope to get some rest soon.
How are you doing today?

I managed to make it through my D.C. on Tuesday and I got my molds done today. Now is the waiting game to see how long it'll take b4 the next part.
just got a tooth extraction and i have bad anxiety as well

I just got a tooth removed and i wasn't under sedation. My dentist was very understanding and kind. It went fast and there was no pain at all. It was a broken tooth and i was really scared. If the noises bother you,maybe bring an ipod with you and out some relaxing music on. Talk to your dentist beforehand and let him know that you are scared. If he isnt understanding, find another dentist. Its ok,you are the patient and are paying him. Best of Luck. I go back next week to get two of my wisdom teeth out abd am very nervous but after getting the tooth pulled yesterday so easily im dealing better. My biggest fears right now, is the after care and healing process.
Hi, I am going to be having a very similar procedure next week. Getting 9 molars and 2 premolars pulled and a wire retainer fitter to prevent the rest of my teeth moving. I am absolutely terrified that I am going to be in a lot of pain afterward and only have one day off after the extractions before I go back to work!! How was your recovery from this?