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Determined to have a nice smile



May 15, 2018
Starting my journal now as I feel like I’ve taken the first real step today.

I had a bad experience with a dentist as a child and was terrified ever since aside from 1 emergency appointment a fair few years back it’s probably 20 years if not more since I went to a dentist.

It sounds silly but after having my daughter I decided I want to get my teeth sorted, I mean if you can go through childbirth the dentist should be a breeze right 😅

Anyway, my teeth are in a real state to the point I don’t smile with my mouth open and I’m really self conscious about talking to people in case they see my teeth. So in February this year I had my initial consultation and a whole raft of X-rays, I was booked in for a 1 hour hygienist appointment in March but my husband caught covid and then I lost my nerve to ring and rebook 😣

Last month I finally worked up the nerve to call and rebook my appointment and I went today to see the hygienist, I did almost run back out the door when she mentioned numbing my mouth but she used numbing gel first and in all honestly I felt nothing in my bottom jaw and the tiniest pinch in my top when she did the injections I was 100% pleasantly surprised.

The hygienist and the dental nurse were both absolutely lovely and really put me at ease, they said just to raise my hand if I needed a break which I did 2-3 times but they were really patient about it. Anyway in just under an hour all my teeth have had a deep cleaning and feel so much better.

I’m still at the start of my journey I’ve already been told I’ll need fillings, extractions etc but I’m not seeing my dentist until Monday 5th so won’t know my exact treatment plan until then. Honestly todays appointment has really put me at ease I’m just hoping all go as smoothly!
@StartingNow congratulations on taking the first step. As someone who has had fillings, root canals, extractions, and implants….I’ve learned that the anxiety is worst part. Keep us posted.
@StartingNow that’s an amazing step. Be proud of yourself. I agree with @Beccab213, I’ve had it all done and my own thoughts/fears have been worse than any actual procedure. Hope you proceed with the work, but For now, just be proud of what you accomplished!
Thanks all for the lovely replies, I woke up this morning and thought I’d dreamt it 😂

I’ve made sure to brush thoroughly today twice and used the peroxyl mouthwash which the hygienist recommended I’m actually looking forward to finding out the treatment plan now and to get the ball rolling.
So I went back today for my treatment plan, I need 9 extractions in total (8 are right at the back) but 1 is my front top right tooth I immediately told her I didn’t want to be without a tooth so she has suggested a “Maryland bridge” but I’ll have to wait a week for that 😔

Other than the extractions I need 7 fillings although she did say that some teeth needed more than one filling so it’s actually 4 teeth in total. She did say one may need a root canal but they don’t know that until it comes to it so I’m just hoping it won’t need one. I’ve booked for the first 2 extractions but my auntie (morale support) is on holiday the day I’ve booked for so I will be rescheduling.
I had my first 2 extractions today, tooth 17 & 18 one of which I believe is a wisdom tooth 😬 I was definitely most nervous for this appointment and felt sick and worried all morning, if I had gone on my own I’m certain I would have turned around and gone home. Luckily my auntie has been with me to all my appointments for morale support which really does help!

I got to the dentist at 2:30 and was done and dusted and back in the car at 3:02! I did have loads of injections, I lost count how many but I didn’t feel them as I had numbing gel first the worst thing about the whole process was 2 of the injections for some reason seemed to hit my gag reflex and I really did think I was gonna throw up 😣 I managed to breathe through it and after they were done the dentist left for 10 mins to let the anaesthetic work. The lovely dental nurse chatted with me for 10 mins until he came back.

In all honesty after the dentist returning he was only in the room 5 mins before I was done and on my way home! I can’t say enough how amazing he was I would 100% recommend!

I’m home resting and managed to eat a yoghurt and drink juice. I’m dying for a cup of tea and some proper food but I don’t want to risk getting an infection so I’m waiting at least 24 hours! I am amazed I have zero pain and all I’ve taken is ibuprofen I don’t feel like I need them but I’ll continue to take them regularly at least for the first couple of days.
Congratulations on your extractions! Awesome it went so well. I am wishing you a speedy recovery. :)
Delayed update I had to cancel my appointment in November as I caught covid 😬 didn’t rebook till January because of Christmas etc.

Yesterday was 2 more extractions can’t remember teeth numbers but essentially exactly the same as last time but on the other side so that’s 2 from top left and 2 from top right gone now. Again no pain really although this side does feel a little bit more uncomfortable than last time I’ve taken regular ibuprofen just to keep on top of it.

The actual appointment again was so fast I was in and out within 25 mins…really can’t explain how amazing my dentist is but he’s a miracle worker!

Next appointment is booked for March for 2 lower extractions. After that will be another 2 lowers then one front tooth 😬 so 4 down 5 to go, hoping to be done with all extractions before the summer!
Another update, another 2 extractions completed last week 2 bottom right molars. I have to admit the process for bottom extractions was worse than the top! I didn’t have any pain but could feel lots of pressure and it definitely took longer to get them out, the dentist explained afterwards this is often the case with lower teeth as the lower jaw bone is less porous. I had a bit of pain for a few days afterward just tenderness like my mouth was bruised which I guess it is really, nothing that ibuprofen and paracetamol couldn’t help with though. I’m a week today post extraction, I have no pain and the sites look to be healing well! I have 2 molars from the bottom left to go 😬 these are booked to be extracted on 13th April. I’m amazed how much having a good dentist helps with the fear, I actually said to my auntie on the way to last week’s appointment I didn’t even feel nervous I was more concerned about the rubbish liquid diet afterward! That’s real progress from the shaking, terrified person I was when I first stepped foot in there!
Congratulations @StartingNow - great to hear that things are healing well :).

I’m amazed how much having a good dentist helps with the fear, I actually said to my auntie on the way to last week’s appointment I didn’t even feel nervous I was more concerned about the rubbish liquid diet afterward! That’s real progress from the shaking, terrified person I was when I first stepped foot in there!

That's truly amazing progress :thumbsup!:, thanks so much for sharing!
I can’t believe I am writing this but back again and the worst part is over! Never ever thought I’d get here 🤯

I had my last 2 big extractions yesterday bottom left wisdom and molar these ones were by far the worst, not because of pain but because I had an infection under one of the teeth so needed loads of numbing I must have had 10-15 injections but it worked as it wasn’t anymore painful than any of the others, just took a bit longer 😬.

I honestly feel like the worst is over now, I do have one more extraction but it’s of a top front tooth which the dentist assured me is so much easier to remove than the bottom back ones. That is booked for 10th May then I have to wait until the 22nd May to get moulds done and a temporary bridge fitted, I’m not keen on being without a front tooth for that long but it will be worth it after the moulds I need to go back again on 6th June for the final bridge!

After the bridge I have a fair few fillings but nowhere near as invasive as extractions and I honestly feel like I can do this now ⭐⭐
please keep updating this journal. i am here and reading. you are really pushing me to get off my arse and go do tackle this fear as well.
Today was my final extraction (9 in total) I honestly never thought I’d get this far! Todays extraction I was dreading but not for fear of the dentist but fear of missing a really visible front tooth 😳 luckily I’m having it replaced with a bridge and I only have to wait until the 22nd to get it replaced I’m also being allowed to work from home until then so will be able to hide away at home! I feel like the worst part is definitely over now, next steps are impressions and temporary bridge on 22nd and then back on 6th June for the permanent bridge. I’ve got fillings still to do but I’m not concerned at all. I owe massive thanks to my dentist I would recommend him to anyone he really is amazing and I wouldn’t have got this far without him! I will continue my journal until all the work is complete and if I’m brave enough I might post some before and after photos 😬
Great news that the worst part is over. Congratulations :respect:! Wishing you a very speedy recovery!

P.S. There is a section on here where you can recommend your dentist if you like, just follow this link and then pick your area:

@StartingNow it does sound like the worst part is over. is there a reason the extractions were done in groups? was that something you requested, or did the dentist suggest it due to anxiety, etc?
@fearfulteefies I definitely feel like the worst is over upwards from here! Erm I’m not actually sure why they did 2 at a time I can only assume becaus they were right next to each other so 2 at the top left, 2 at the top right and same at the bottom so probably just easier than having 9 separate appointments 😊
@StartingNow that makes complete sense. sorry for the silly question, just trying to gauge what may happen to me lol
@fearfulteefies Not at all, it’s not a silly question at all 😊 I would say though I’m actually glad they did them in pairs recovery on all 9 extractions hasn’t been bad and it’s meant half the appointments which has been really good, I think if I wasn’t seeing quick progress I’d be likely to have given up!
I had another dentist appointment on 22nd (first one I’ve had to go to alone 😬) I went with the intention of having impressions taken and my temporary bridge fitted however I ended up having the impressions and a full clean and polish instead the dentist said that would be preferable as then my other teeth will be as clean and white as possible for when the bridge goes in on 6th June!

The impressions were interesting luckily my husband had his impressions the week before me so told me what to expect, no pain at all and over pretty quick but when they remove the tray it definitely feels like all your teeth are going to come out with it! 😂 I seriously expected just gums to be left but no all good! 😁

When thinking about Mondays appointment when I got home it proves how far I’ve come on this journey if I’d gone to the dentist before and they’d said we are just going to clean and polish your teeth with no numbing I’d have run a mile but I was fine with it, just said ok and let them crack on, I’m actually really impressed with myself! 😂