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Determined to have a nice smile

@StartingNow so happy for you. Truly am cheering you on over here.
I’ve neglected this journal for a while but not to fear I haven’t given up! In fact I’ve just got back from a filling appointment, she did 2 fillings today (2 teeth next to each other). No pain or anything but I do have a really dry mouth but the same happened with the first filling appointment which I had in November and I still forgot to take a drink with me 🤦🏻‍♀ I’m so nearly at the end of my journey now, just 1 more filling to go which is booked for April and then I’m finished! I’ll be making sure to get regular check ups and hygienist appointments but all the “major” work is done! ☺️
@StartingNow - you might have to change your username to FinishingNow :p! That's fabulous news, congratulations 😊!! So happy for you!
@letsconnect thank you so much! Never ever thought I’d get to this stage just shows what a good dentist can do for people who are scared if the first few visits hadn’t gone well I would never have gone back but they’ve been wonderful!