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Diagnosed with Periodentitis



Junior member
Dec 31, 2019

After 15 years I finally had the courage to visit a dentist. The outcomes weren’t pretty. The dentist mentioned that I have deep pockets caused by bacteria (I have periodentitis) and that four molars would need to be removed in order to prevent future infections since the pockets are to deep.

He did a root scaling and mentioned that he would refer me to a periodontist.

My question to any of you?

—should I get a second opinion on whether I should have my four mollars removed?

Any help would be great! I would love to here your stories.
Hi Jmel4401,

glad you managed to schedule finally and got through the first appointment.
I think it’s always good to seek a second opinion if you are not sure whether a treatment is necessary. With extractions it makes even more sense.

I second Enarete. Always good to get a second opintion..and you were very courageous getting that appt taken care of and going despite being scared. I surely would get another opinion if it had to do with removing 4 molars. I'd want extra clarification and confirmation on any extractions.
No harm in getting a second opinion. Dentistry is constantly changing and extractions are very permanent.
you should do everything to save teeth first. Replacing 4 molars can run you up $10K.