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Diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia or atypical odontalgia



Sep 16, 2010
I was diagnosed by my DR yesterday of most likely having trigeminal neuralgia/atypical odontalgia after a tooth extraction 3 weeks ago. It's been nonstop pain that ramped up in the past week. I have stared on 300 Gabapentin. One yesterday, 2 today, then 3 daily going forward. It takes the pain from 10+ to about a 7. I still need to take OTC pills, however, I suppose it takes a bit to build up in the system. Does anyone else here take this? Or have any expert knowledge about the drug or trigeminal neuralgia/atypical odontalgia? Thanks in advance!

Non stop pain doesn't sound typical for trigeminal neuralgia...
@Gordon I think it is more atypical odontalgia, than trigeminal neuralgia. But they are treated with the same drugs apparently. She stared me on Gabapentin instead of Carbamazepine because there are less side effects, so she said we would try that first and see how it goes before moving to Carbamazepine. I am also on a 3 day course of antibiotics courtesy of my dentist as a last resort because they coudn't find anything wrong dental wise. They are doing ym stomach in...sigh.