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Did anyone here have severe gum recession??



Feb 14, 2018
I have severe gum recession, I have it in two teeth mainly, front bottom ( on a post ) and one at the side of that. the front one is very loose and the gum part on that tooth has receded very badly, the one next to it not quite as bad.

I have to go to the hygienist to get a cleaning and terrified this will cause the wobbly tooth to come out, I have already been told by a previous dentist that I need a partial denture, but this new dentist wants me to go to the hygienist. She said if the tooth comes out they can then make a partial denture, she also said if it does come out come out that no-one will notice o_O...everyone will notice, it is right at the front.

I left my previous dentist because he did not have the patience with my anxiety and fear, I am worried I made a mistake as this new dentist is really nice, but does not seem to understand the anxiety that potentially being toothless is causing me...
@Della44 I have had bad gum recession in 3 teeth since I was young. I had Gingivitis in my late teens. I am now in my 60s and still have the teeth and they are very firm. I had a couple of loose back teeth that eventually fell out and one that the dentist extracted. I had another loose tooth at the back that appears to have tightened back up. I am very strict about my dental hygiene now and my dentist advised me to use interdental brushes which I do. She also informed me that you can in some cases prevent a loose tooth from getting worse and I have found this to be true in a couple of teeth that have been very slightly loose for over 7 years. My loose teeth didn't fall out after my deep cleaning, in fact as I said previously, after being strict with my dental hygiene one appears to have tightened up and the other 2 are no worse. I know how worrying and frightening the thought of losing teeth is for some of us and understand exactly how you are feeling. I have this awful phobia too.