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Different opinions on fillings from two different Dentists left me confused



Jul 3, 2022
Hi sorry for the second question today but this has got some what confused. My current dentist has told me that four teeth that I once had fillings in (on the cheek side low down at the top of the root) are fine. They had fillings that my old dentist had put in that had lasted for 15 odd years. Then when he sold the practice to my current dentist the fillings fell out she replaced them and within weeks they fell out again, she then redid them a second time and within a couple of months they fell out again. She then said they kept falling out because of the way I was brushing my teeth and that she could not fill them again. That was five years ago since then she has constantly said they are fine that they have remineralised and are stable and I do not get any pain or sensitivity from them at all however they are clearly drak brown almost black and form deep pockets into the side of the teeth.

Now yesterday when I saw my Girlfriends dentist (who incidentally was using much more modern dental equipment i.e took pics of the teeth and showed me them (my old dentist does not have this technology) and was wearing loupes my old dentist never wears loupes. has advised that I get these teeth filled again? I am just completely confused and don't know what to do. The old dentist says that refilling the tooth is bad as each time it's done part of the tooth is lost and will weaken it. My girlfiends dentist recommends that I get them refilled? Im just bamboozled as what to do. Im also worried that if they are filled again will we hit the root and cause damage that will lead to root canal surgery. As ive said Im just totally confused and don't know what to do this on top of my crown worries is just stressing me out so much. Thanks again.
Sorry this sounds very stressful! My suggestion would be to get a third opinion. Then you could see if two dentists out of three say the same thing.
How long since the fillings came out? I can't work it out.
It's impossible to say without looking but generally if it's a patient I've known a long time then I'd be more inclined to just watch and wait, for a brand new patient where I don't know what their disease process is like then I'd probably be more aggressive about treating them. Which kind of fits with your description, old dentist versus new one.
Hi again the fillings fell out in 2017/2018 and my old dentist has been watching them for the last 4 years and says they are fine. There are also a couple of very small areas on two other teeth that my old dentsit has never even metioned but the new one showed me on the photos and says they need filled. Im also concerned that on the root fillings that have not been refilled there are large curved pockets into the tooth. Im worried that if they are drilled and filled again we will end up hitting the nerve and causing further problems. This whole stitaution these last 4 weeks have been an absolute nighmare for me. I dont know what to do or where to turn. My old dentist has got the hump with me because I never let het do the crown prep last week as I was too nervous and Im scared the new one is going to do more damage by being over zelous with the refilling of teeth that dont really need refilled. I feel completely stuck I don't know what to do this on top of my worries about the crown it's made me a nervous wreck.
Tell the new dentist that you're reluctant to get the fillings done right now, but would rather wait and see for a bit. Tell them what you've said above. Given that they've been unchanged for 4 yrs then there's no rush. If they "get the hump" then you know you're not a good fit with this dentist and should carry on shopping around.