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Discomfort 6 days post op of a full upper clearance



Aug 5, 2017
Hi all I've recently had my full upper teeth removed and currently I'm on day 6 post surgery and still experiencing some pain.

The pain isn't a throbbing but more of a deep stinging deep under the gum and in the roof of my mouth in the areas I've been stitched and usually wakes me up. It's manageable by taking ibuprofen and I've also noticed yellow bruising has started to appear on my cheeks and jaw.

I've been doing multiple warm salt water rinses daily as advised and only see clear water when I spit so I don't think it's infection and from experience it doesn't feel like an infection or toothache but it's still got me concerned.

Has anyone else experienced similar after an upper clearance and stitches 6 days post operative?

Thanks and stay positive

Forgot to add that on the site of one of my wisdom tooth removals I have some bone that has erupted through the gum which isn't painful but more sore.

I've heard that these will sort over time
After checking my mouth I can confirm that no bone is showing but it's just all stitches which is good news.

I've attatched a photo of the area 20190122_124409.jpg