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Dec 8, 2013
Today I finally went to the almighty dreaded dentist. I'm Stephanie 30yrs old and made plenty of horrible decisions. Really bad ones concerning my teeth. Like many here, I'm really good at making excuses as why I didn't have time to make an appointment with a dentist. I didnt straighten my act out until the past couple year. I moved to Milwaukee, graduated with honors with my vet assistant certificate. I currently hold down two jobs and two wonderful children. When I go to job interviews I'm extremely self conscious. I can't show my sunny true self because my smile is full of broken and rotten teeth. After 4 interviews I had enough and made that call to schedule myself an appointment. When I arrived it was a very busy office and people where coming and going quickly. A good portion of them with extractions. After waiting an hour it was my turn. They take an xray the dentist and hygienist looked in my mouth and said its a complex situation. The dentist then said I will come back in two weeks to have all ky teeth pulled. And then once again 3 weeks later for debriedment. I looked at him and tears just flowed everything was happening so fast. No questions, no options, no time to compose myself. So here I sit still not understanding what they want to do to me. They mentioned partials but they said all my teeth will be pulled.I have state insurance so im sure this is ehat every dentist that takes badgercare will be like. Sorry about the long rant it just took me so long to work the courage up and then it happens so fast. .... kind words are defiantly needed Thank You
That sounds terrible for you. If I was in that situation, I would go elsewhere to a dentist who can be more understanding. I can't imagine what's it like to be told you need them all extracted and not given time to talk through all the options afterwards, or be reassured when you were clearly distressed! Especially when you were so brave to go in the first place. Is there any way you could speak to a kinder and more patient dentist?

If you do need them all extracted, I've heard about people getting dentures the same day, although I know they usually need adjusted or replaced later to fit you best. Did they tell you if any could be saved with further treatment? My mum only has 3 teeth left, and even they are crowned, but her dentist made her a 'plate' for top and bottom that doesn't cover her mouth the way dentures do. She loves it! And has a perfect white smile now. Also, she has no problems at all with eating. I don't know what it's called but I just want you to know you have lots of options available.
I'm going to call around and see if I can find a dentist who takes my insurance. Thank you for you r kind words. That appointment was everything I feared
Thankfully, not all dentists are like the one you experienced. Don't let it put you off. Hope you get sorted out soon with someone nicer.
I'm so sorry you're in this situation! Badgercare is WI Medicaid, right? State Medicaid plans often offer very few options for adults who need dental treatment -- it's really a horrible thing since, as you mentioned, you are trying to find work (I'm guessing you hope to get off of Medicaid), but don't feel like you can because of your teeth. With the affordable care act (obamacare), some of the state health exchanges offer private dental plans at a subsidized rate. If you can afford to pay something it might be looking into. Unfortunately, many dentists who are covered by Medicaid are not very good and offer few options. If there is any way for you to pay privately (or some private dentists offer credit or payment plans), you may want to try that. If not, ask around and keep searching for a compassionate dentist who accepts Badgercare -- It may take some searching, but there's got to be one out there. Best of luck!
The office I visited felt like a chop shop. People would go in one door and come out the other with teeth pulled all in 15 min sometimes faster! Im working two jobs to make ends meet, and like I said I was an idiot a few years back so financing isnt an option. Im going to make some calls and see what I can do. I havent slept since my appointment. I'm on meds for anxiety and when I filled out my paperwork in large letters wrote high anxiety.I didnt even get a half ass it will be ok. I dont want anyone to think I dont appreciate my health insurance because thats not the case at all :) im going to check private insurance prices also
Hey Stephanie :butterfly:

I'm really sorry about your dental troubles. How is everything going now, have you found a good dentist or even a decent one? I hope you're doing okay!