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Disolving stitches falling out 4 days after wisdom tooth extraction



Junior member
Jul 18, 2014
Hey Guys. My disolveable stitches are starting to come out. It started the third night into recover after i ate some dominos pasta with the other side of my mouth, i noticed one popped loose. Today, a full stitch came out. Is this normal? There's no blood, just a little funny taste. I had a molar and a wisdom tooth removed.

I noticed on one of the stitches that was loose that i took out of my mouth (it was already on its way out) that there was some white crud on it. Is that normal?

Really hoping for the best.
I didn't have stitches for my wisdom teeth but I did have 2 for an implant. they came out a day and a half later. All was well despite being told they'd last 5 days. If you are really worried you could ring the office in the morning...but likely they came out because they were ready. 4 to 5 days seems about right. just be gentle with your salt water rinsing and what not.
* btw the response at my 7 day follow up when i said they came out early was good you heal fast
My "going home" instruction sheet indicated that the stitches usually come out on their own after about 3 days, but not to worry if it happened eariler. Mine actually came out on the first day and when the nurse called for her check on me the following day, assured me that that was fine.
Its nothing to worry about as long its not hurting, but if you feel like you can contact you doc. Just be gentle in food intake for couple of days...