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Dissolvable stitches that didn't dissolve



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Apr 16, 2008
Illinois, USA
It's been a little over a month since my 9 extractions. My stitches, which my dentist said would dissolve, haven't. They are coming apart and threads are hanging and really bugging the heck out of me.
I have a dentist appointment on Friday so he can check it out.
I am getting a bit scared of what my doc is going to have to do for this.
How common a problem is this?
If anyone else had dissolvable stiches that DIDN'T dissolve, I would love to hear about it. I don't know what to expect, if my doc has to pull them out, will it be painful?
Freaking out a bit,
Hi chickenjen

I too thought my stitches would dissolve, apparently they would but my dentist said it would be quicker and better for me if he removed them as the sites had healed, I should think yours have started to dissolve because they are coming apart.

I had them removed after 10 days so needed to cut them to take them out - cut is the wrong word it was more of a 'snip', I had about 6 to 8 'snips' altogether - then gently using a pair of tiny tweezers pulled them out with barely any feeling at all, kind of a little tug - please note there was NO PAIN what so ever and it took seconds.

Before I went to have my stitches removed I thought of it as each extraction site (13 in all) being sewn individually using the darning technique! - once again my mind running away with me, how wrong I was.
After my 13 and your 9 extractions .......... this is nothing, quicker than getting your fringe cut!

You will be fine

A chance for me to revisit my "I hate dissolvable sutures" rant? Must resist... the useless things either dissolve far too quickly or else they last for ever.
What's so frigging hard about getting a patient in a week later and removing the damn things yourself, as the previous poster says, it's quicker than a quick thing, doesn't hurt at all and it gives you a chance to see that everything is healing properly.

And breathe..... :)

Sorry, one of my pet hates that one! :oops:
I too had dissovable stitches that well...didn't exactly dissolve on their own! When I went for my week post opt he took out the bottom one (just a small pinch and that was it) And then said I could leave the top ones in. I know what you mean about it being annoying, I could feel the stitches moving everytime I drank, then they just kind of fell out on their own. Odd to see (yes I looked...couldn't resist!) but a big relief.
The stitches from my wizzie extractions didn't dissolve; but Gordon's right, I didn't feel anything at all when the dentist took them out. :)

( I wonder if saliva in the mouth is supposed to make them dissolve. Maybe different people have different compositions that determine if, and how long, they take to dissolve. :confused: )
Myn must have dissolved very quickly because like 5 days after I coulden't feel anything on or around the sockets.
Thanks for the replies! I had my appointment with my dentist and he just pulled out some of the threads that were annoying me (everyone was right, it wasn't painful, just felt like a tug) and told me the rest should either fall out or dissolve, but if I had any more problems with them annoying me, that I should call and make an appointment and he would check them out.
Thanks again,
They're designed to deliberately cause inflammation, which draws white blood cells to the area and the macrophages dissolve them.
FINALLY, the rest of my stitches have fallen out. I have no more annoying threads flopping around when I eat, drink or talk.
I guess it wasn't anything thing to get worked up about, but since this was my first experience with dental stitches, I didn't know what to expect.
Thanks all for your replies,
Jen :XXLhug:
Re: Dissolvable stitches that didn't dissolve-Thank you all.

Today I started to get upset because 8 days after surgery not one of the seven stitches have dissolved. I am so scared of my dentist (she's really nice) that I was scared to ask her about the
stitches incase she took them out and it hurt. I will make an appointment now as my stitches are at the front and I am trying to master a new denture plate. Thanks again.
Its completely normal theres nothing to worry about. All you have to do is call your oral surgeon back and explain whats going on and he or she will set up a time for you to come to get your stitches clipped out
I had my teeth extracted Monday, and think I might be having a similar problem now. There are a few hanging that are annoying me. My mom told me that if any still haven't dissolved by my first post-op in a week (14/9), they will remove them then.

This thread was a good read. When she said that they would remove them, I kinda mentally panicked, googled how they do that, and it brought me here...good to know it's just like a tug feeling to remove them.:)