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Do extra teeth like mesiodens need to be removed in every case?



Junior member
Oct 8, 2013
When I was at my last dental check-up, the hygienist was looking at the x-rays and was like, "Oh, looks like you have an extra tooth!" And then the dentist confirmed it. It's in the bone up and behind the front teeth i believe...im not sure exactly. Im assuming it's pretty far up and/or back there. I guess it's called a Mesioden? It's interesting because no dentist ever noticed it before, and Im 32 years old and had x-rays there all my life. It's barely visible on the x-ray, in fact you can't see it most of the time.

I didn't really ask a whole lot about it at the time. But I got curious and started researching it. And I never even asked the dentist if this is something that needs to be removed, although the dentist didn't mention extraction. She just said it's there and then moved on. It's asymptomatic, obviously. My permanent teeth all came in. They are not perfectly 100% straight, but not abnormally crooked and doesn't seem they are being effected by this thing.

Do these always need to come out?

rob wain

Well-known member
Verified dentist
Apr 23, 2013
Newcastle Upon Tyne
from what you describe it may be ok to leave the mesiodens but is should be monitored to check it doesn't cause problems (such as resorption) in the adjacent teeth or begin to move.