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Do I need a checkup if I have just finished some treatment?



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Mar 31, 2011
I know this may be obvious to some but I have just finished a course of treatment and I have a checkup appointment for 3 weeks time, this was arranged 6 months ago. Do I need a checkup if I have recently finished a course of treatment? After all, the dentist had plenty of opportunity to look in my mouth during the treatment, if there were any problems wouldn't they have said at the time?

I don't really want to go in unless I really have too.
Phone the clinic and ask them, the chances are they will tell you to reschedule for a few months time.
September 2011 I had a check up, I was seeing the dentist more than once a month for treatment. I thought I wouldn't need a check up as I had been so much but no I still needed to have the check up because he said that although he was treating me it wasn't the same as a check up because they look for different things.
I would think you still need a check up. I think if they ate doing work such as filling a cavity they would be focused on the area they are working on and not looking at other things.

It can't hurt to call and ask. If you need a break see if you can move the check up back