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Do i need a nerve block injection for top tooth filling?



Junior member
Jul 23, 2022
South Wales
I managed to avoid the dentist for 18 years until my back tooth cracked in half last month and had to be seen as an emergency. I needed it removed and thought it would be the simple injection, wait 10 mins and then remove. Instead, it was the nerve block which I'd never heard of before (shows how long i hadn't been). I was wondering why on earth my dentist was injecting the top back of my mouth when the tooth involved was on the bottom. Within seconds, this horrific sharp, hot tingling sensation shot up through my cheek, my right nostril completely blocked up and I was unable to open my right eye for a few seconds. As this was all new to me, I panicked. My dentist was amazing and sat me up explaining it was normal. I literally couldn't focus on anything as I was seeing double. I felt so brave going there and now this experience has knocked me back to square one again.
I'm wanting a white filling in between my top front tooth and the one next to it as it's starting to rot but that injection has put the fear of god into me. I honestly felt like I was being electrocuted. Why don't dentists use the injections like before? Will I need one of these for my top teeth or is it used only for back teeth?
It's used for lower back teeth. Not for upper teeth.
@Gordon so what do they use for upper teeth?
An infiltration injection normally.