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Do I need a periodontal surgery before they pull all my teeth out and place implants?



Junior member
Jan 6, 2022
Fort Lauderdale, FL
According to my dentist, I had a medium periodontal disease that required attention 2 years ago. I barely have any salvageable teeth left on top. My smile is embarrassing. I know that if I want to keep my existing teeth, I must have a periodontal surgery.

What if I pull all my teeth out just on top or the whole mouth and place implants with a zirconia arch? Do I still have to have surgery to cure the periodontal disease first or pulling out the teeth would solve the problem? How about pulling out just the upper teeth? Thank you :)


Well-known member
Nov 22, 2016
I can't tell you what your odds are overall, but I had periodontal disease before pulling my remaining teeth, and then, after 6 implants on my bottom arch (my top denture is not implant-supported), I developed peri-implantitis and lost two of them. Two more are at risk of being lost, and who knows what the future holds for the 2 that actually still look stable? My periodontist told me that a certain brand/style of implants used back in the 90's are now failing all over the world, and I was just unlucky to have been treated with those inferior products at the time. I have since learned through genetic testing though, that I am prone to gum disease, and I wonder if that has played a part in my current implant issues. I have not seen my periodontist since COVID began though, so haven't had a chance to ask him what he thinks about that. Who knows if there's a connection there, and if you are also genetically pre-disposed, your gum issues may follow you into implant life as well.