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Do I need an SRP based on my x-ray?


Accomplished kel

Junior member
Jan 26, 2024
New York
I went to the dentist recently after 3 years. I’m 23 years old and my gums feel fine, there’s no bleeding unless I brush aggressively. The dentist took x-rays and said she noticed bone loss, so I need an SRP. She didn’t do any probing and still gave me a regular cleaning, provided I come back for additional deep cleanings.

My x-ray is at the following link:
Is there any other kind of cleaning that might help? Is a full mouth SRP absolutely necessary based on the x-ray, considering no probing was done? If probing is still necessary, why?

Thanks in advance for answering!
This isn't really a site for general dental questions, but it'd be rude not to answer since you asked nicely.

Can't tell much from just x-rays, sorry. At 23 I wouldn't expect much bone loss, if there was it'd be a major problem. There's some indication of early bone loss between some of your teeth, the boney crest areas between the molars and premolars are flattened off a bit, but not a huge amount at this time.

Bleeding on brushing at all is a bit of a warning sign that there's some gum disease going on, no amount of "aggressive" brushing should provoke bleeding.