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Do i need to see an oral surgeon to get a root canalled molar out?



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Jan 14, 2016
Hi, my dental office wants me to see an oral surgeon to get a cracked molar out that has root canal, is this necessary? I"m going to call Mon. morning to see the cost and how long of wait there is but i was hoping i could just go to a dentist? as my dentist doesn't do extractions, which i think is weird? I was hoping to save money and just get it pulled out without sedation, i've gone to another dentist i could get this done for much cheaper, just trying to save money and not get IV sedation when it's not needed.
Totally depends on the dentist, some dentists (especially in the US) seem to refer all extractions out to oral surgeons and therefore don't gain much experience with extractions. And the last thing you want (especially if you already suffer with a fear of the dentist) is to let someone inexperienced attempt this.

There are plenty of dentists who do most extractions themselves, so if you want to save money, there's nothing stopping you from finding a dentist who does them. Best thing to do is ask upfront if they do them themselves or if they refer out.

We've also got a page with tips for finding a high quality dentist here:

okay, thank you. The first oral surgeon has too long of wait so i called another nearby and they should be able to get me in before end of June for sure- had my dentist send xrays and then wait for a callback this week to find out when, they have 4 instead of two so that is probably why less wait. I made an appt. at the other one but it's not for over 2 weeks for consult- will cancel once i have one for sure set up. This one is a bit further but still reasonable and seems to have great reviews and clean/new so shouldn't be any issues, although the way my luck is going, something is sure to come up.