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do they need to be removed?



New member
Jun 19, 2020
Hello, i already have my private doctors professional opinion about my wisdom teeth but id really appreciate some answers so i can cross some information before i get them e removed.
I just have concerns that's all.
firstly, my doctor suggested to ignore the right side for now as is not urgent.
So on the LEFT side she suggested removing the upper one ( it actually hurts a lot) and she asked for a reasonable price and also said its a pretty t simple job to do.
Although my concerns started when it came to the lower one as she said that the way it is actually needs to come out asap and is a bit complicated procedure which costs a lot more, more painful too. Funny enough though it doesn't hurt me there.
Im curious to hear from someone another opinion before proceeding and potentially visiting another doctor.
thank you


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Did you have to get them removed?