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Does anyone else have a bad gag reflex when having xrays?



Junior member
Jun 13, 2011
Hi all

As well as having a tooth out today Im pretty nervous about the xrays. At my last 4 dental appointments the dentist has attempted to take xrays. I just cant do it, I have a bad gag reflex which just shuts me down. Ive tried breathing through my nose and tried to take slow breaths but my throat shuts off and I cant breathe.

The last appointment the dentist layed the chair back so far that I physically couldnt breathe which just makes it worse.

Help! Appointment in 8 hours!
YES. You are NOT alone! I just experienced this when they took the x-rays for my teeth that need to be extracted. It's horrible, and I profusely apologize and warn the folks who are taking the x-rays of this.

You know what one of the dental assistants told me? "That's why it's called a reflex, because it IS, and you cannot control it!"

You cannot help it, so don't feel bad about it.;D
A gag reflex is protective and natural so yours is just more sensitive and when you are apprehensive your reflex is on high alert. For ow ask the dentist if he can just manage with a panarex.
Oh yeah i gag everytime they try and take x-rays i think most people do. It's not like its a small thing they put in your mouth its automatic reflex and most of us can't control it so well. I am pretty sure the dentist gets people gagging pretty regularly while they trying to prepare them for x ray.