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does anyone know if there's such a thing as desensitizing mouthwash available in the USA?



Former Member
Dec 12, 2013
does anyone know if there's such a thing as desensitizing mouthwash available in the USA?

I. Am currently having ongoing sensitivity problems after having to fillings in June. I did go in once to get things checked out. I've been using the sensodyne toothpaste but even though I've been using it over a week, its making no differencwe like it did with the sample tube I had. I took a break to try the t.o.m. line then went back to a new tube of sensodyne

I mean yes I know at this point I SHOULD go back in and call in the morning if I want but... Well, to put an extremely long story short, I'm also sitting on 2 partials that aren't agreeing and a tooth chip working its way out on top of the cold problem. And ive had to endure a d.c., extractions, 2 fillings, and multiple appts for adjustments. So it should go w/o saying that The last thing I want to do is crawl back in the chair for one doozy of an appointment.

If I could just get the cold sensitivity problem to lighten up up, I could manage the other issues to an extent. Problem is that its like the ongoing hunt for fixident food seel all over again! I can find whitening mouth wash, anticavity, and overall pretty much anything but what I need!

As far as requirements for what I want, its not much. Something that can be found in an actual store, no alcholic burn, nothing mega expensive, and if possible I need something that won't cause a wonky taste in my mouth after brushing with fresh mint sensodyne


Oct 25, 2014
Re: does anyone know if there's such a thing as desensitizing mouthwash available in the USA?

I've seen sensitive tooth mouthwash being sold at Target stores and Walgreen's in the US; I nearly got some myself, but the fine print on the back seemed to negate the claim that it helps with tooth pain. I think the one I saw was made by Crest or Act. As far as the Sensodyne, my dentist just had me start using it, and she told me that it takes at least two weeks of continuous use in order to start working; apparently, it's a cumulative thing. She also said that if I missed a day with it, I would have to go back and wait ANOTHER two weeks until it started working again. On the plus side, I do think the Sensodyne is working for me. It's been two weeks and one day since I started using it, and my teeth don't seem to be as sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets. Hope this helps!